Prevent Insects from Invading Your Hummingbird Feeders

Insects love the sweet nectar in a hummingbird feeder and will find a way to get to the nectar in the feeder. The two most common insects to plague hummingbird feeders are bees and ants. To prevent these insects from invading your hummingbird feeders it is important to follow these simple steps:

1. When filling your hummingbird feeder, make sure to wipe away and clean any nectar that spills on the outside of the feeder.

2. To help prevent bees, wasps and other types of flying insects, use a feeder with bee guards or nectar guards, such as the HummZinger Fancy Hummingbird Feeder. When using this type of hummingbird feeder, bees and wasps are deterred from getting to the nectar.

3. Another trick is set up a fine spray of water around the feeder to help keep flying away. Hummingbirds love to bath in the fine spray of water.

4. An ant guard is also helpful for keeping ants away from the hummingbir feeder. You may also want to choose a feeder with an ant moat and coat the hanger with petroleum jelly.

5. Never use insect spray around your feeders. Using a pesticide can be very harmful to hummingbirds.

These simple tricks are sure to help keep insects away from your hummingbird feeder and allow you more time to enjoy the hummingbirds! Check out these items and more at Rachel’s Robin.