Simple Solutions to Bird Proof Your Garden

While birds are delightful and enjoyable to watch in your backyard, birds can be a nuisance when they invade your garden. To keep the birds away from your vegetables and fruits in the garden, it is a good idea to install bird repellents. Bird repellents are very effective for keeping birds away and protecting your investment.

A realistic looking owl will help scare away a wide variety of birds. Owls are a natural predator of birds and by setting up an owl decoy in your garden, the birds will be discouraged from sticking around to feast on your plantings. A safe and effective bird repellent is the Rotating Head Owl. This owl has a head that moves around to look realistic and is easy to set-up in your garden.
Another great bird repellent is the Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler. This sprinkler attaches to your hose and will squirt water when it senses a bird or animal approaching. Birds will fly away from your garden and be hesitant to return when squirted by this sprinkler. Not only does this sprinkler repel birds, but it also repels other pests from invading your garden.
An effective repellent for geese in your garden is the Liquid Fence Goose Repellent Concentrate. This liquid repellent can be sprayed around your garden to keep the geese out. Geese do not like the smell or taste and will be discouraged from going into your garden. Use the spray on other areas, including your lawn or shrubs, to effectively keep unwanted geese out.