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RachelsRobin Christmas / New Year Jingle for you!

‘Twas the days surrounding Christmas and all ’round your yard,
the birds were all hungry while you wrote out your cards….
Your feeders were hung in the blustery space,
for no little bird has energy to waste….

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday cheer …
the feeders went empty – Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

So stop by the store, this week full of cheer,
we’ll extend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stop by the store this month and share a bit of the holiday season with us – and we’ll share a bit of savings with you –

Happy Holidays!

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This won’t last long! – only until Dec. 17 – Merry Christmas!!!!

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Wild Bird Lover Gift Ideas – A Window Bird Feeder

What better gift is there to get for a niece, nephew or friend that loves wild birds?  An inquisite grandchild will get thrills out of seeing beautiful birds feed up close with a window bird feeder.

1) Dine Around Window BirdFeeder -  Arched design and wrap-around feeding ring create a 360° feeding area. More birds can feed at once – right at your window. Features three seed ports, wide-mouth top for easy filling, and suction-cup mounting.

2) Window Cafe Bird Feeder -  Our most popular window feeder ever!  A clear roof over hangs the seed tray to protect seed from rain. Seed reservoir slides out for easy filling and cleaning.  Stays put with 3 suction cups strategically placed.

3) Window Hummingbird Feeder -  The Nectar Bar Window Hummingbird Feeder features 3 ports and holds 6 ounces of nectar. The bright red cover attracts hummingbirds and has three feeding wells that thwart bees and other insects. The red cover pops off the removable tray for easy cleaning and filling.

Wild Bird Lover Coupons for the Holidays – Shop and Save at

  Featured to the right is our top selling birdbath.

Thanksgiving Day Sale with Coupons at

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Nature Lovers and Wild Bird Hobbyists across the United States and the world.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful world that you have given us to enjoy. From finches to hummingbirds, orioles and bluebirds – we thank you for the beauty you have bestowed upon us.

Thank you for our health, family, homes and nature. 

If you happen to visit the Internet today – take advantage of THIS 1-Day Sale:

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Hot Pepper Suet Cake – #1 Best Seller from Nov. to Feb.

The hot pepper suet cakes for wild birds that we carry are laced with hot peppers that birds cannot taste but drives squirrels elsewhere for food.

We have a number of different hot pepper solutions:

Birds do not have receptors for capsaicin, the protein that makes peppers hot – which is the key to these innovative products.

The reason chilies incorporate capsaicin in their fruits (and red/green peppers of course are fruits in a botanical sense, not vegetables) seems to be to ensure that their seeds are dispersed properly. When small birds consume the fruits of wild peppers the seeds pass through the gut undigested and, due to the birds’ flight range, are deposited in distant places where they can grow with less competition. If the fruits were consumed by larger mammals the seeds would either be digested, or deposited much closer to the parent plant.

Studies have shown that the seeds of wild peppers are in fact dispersed almost exclusively by birds.

No-No Feeders make Great Holiday Gifts

The No-No Bird Feeders are classics that would make beautiful gifts for the wild bird lover or nature enthusiast on your list.  A no-no feeder is a collapsible wire basket, Black Oil Sunflower seed feeder. Environmentally friendly product, totally recyclable metal. Makes feeding fun for you and your feathered friends The “NO/NO” name is telling you that there is no wood and no plastic in the construction of the feeder.

The hole size in the wire mesh is designed to hold black oil sunflower seeds, the most popular feed for wild birds. Mixtures of black oil sunflower seeds, stripped sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and peanut pieces can be added as well.

 The original no-no bird feeder pictured to the right is now redesigned.

This beauty now features an extended roof for extra protection. Thousands are in continous year-round service, attracting both clinging and perching birds.

  • No Wood and No Plastic
  • Lasts for years and years
  • Feeds 10-15 birds at once
  • HUGE feeding area accomodates both clinging and perching birds at the same time.
  • Holds over 2.5 lbs of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, the most popular seed for wild birds.
  • No cleaning needed, (but it is dishwasher safe if you insist!)
  • Rain or Snow just run, or blow right through it.
  • The simple wire mesh design helps to protect birds from avian diseases.
  • Makes a no hassel gift idea for friends and family

Sweet Potato Dog Treats and Chews – the New Beef!

More and more people in America are buying for their own pets in a trend toward more natural and healthier eating among dog members of the family.

Many pets seem to be going vegetarian as well as their owners.

Because sweet potatoes contain beneficial nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta carotene, vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, to name just a few – sweet potato dog chews and dog treats are the rage among health conscious dog owners.  Pictured to the right are Beefeaters Sweet Potato Dog Snacks – a favorite among dog owners and dogs.

Sweet Potatos help stabilize blood sugar, which makes them a nice choice for diabetic dog treats. Sweet potato dog treats are not only beneficial for your dog, they are just plain yummy!

More and more people in America are cooking for their own pets in a trend toward more natural and healthier eating among the cat and dog members of the family. Many pets seem to be going vegetarian as well as their owners.

Bats are not only for Halloween!

Is there a more intriguing blog article than one about “bats” the day before Halloween?

Outside the mythical, vampirish aspect of bats that surrounds us on Halloween, bats are one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to reduce the mosquito population near your home.  A great way to attracts bats is to install a bat house.

Bat house sizes range from holding a dozen or so bats like the bat house pictured to the right or to have enough space for a colony of 500 bats.

Bats that use the type of house to the right:  

big brown, cave, eastern pipistrelle, evening, little brown, Mexican free-tailed, northern long-eared, pallid, Pallas’ mastiff bats, Rafinesque’s big-eared bats, southeastern bats, and Yuma bats

A bat house may be mounted on a tree, pole, or building; however, bat houses mounted on poles tend to have a slightly higher occupancy than those mounted on trees.

You should mount your bat house 15-20 feet above the ground where it will not be exposed to bright lights. Temperature is also a consideration.

You should place your bat house where it will receive at least six hours of sun if you live in a region where average July temperatures range from 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you live in a region where average July temperature are less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you should mount your bat house where it will receive at least 10 hours of sun.

And yes, vampire bats are real.  They are bats whose food source is blood, a dietary trait called hematophagy. There are three bat species that feed solely on blood: the Common Vampire Bat, the Hairy-legged Vampire Bat, and the White-winged Vampire Bat.

Happy Halloween!