Get Ready for the Wrens by Setting Up Your Wren House

Setting up your wren house in the early spring or late winter is very important because the male wren likes to scout out several wren houses before bringing his mate back to investigate and choose a new home.  It is a good idea to select your wren house and set it up early to make sure that you will have wrens in the spring and summer.  As soon as the snow is melting, set up your wren house in the yard and it won’t be long before you have wrens living in your yard.

One of my favorite wren houses is the Redwood Wren House by Heath Mfg. Co. because it is made of beautiful redwood and has a charming chalet style.  This wren house is easy to keep clean because it has a slide out bottom and it has a small perch for the wrens to use as they hop into the home.  This wren house looks great hanging up in the tree or on a post in your garden.

The Going Green Wren Houseby Audubon Woodlink is the perfect wren house for anyone who is concerned about the environment.  It is made of 90% recycled plastic material that is resistant to bacteria and very easy to clean.  The recycled plastic is resistant to mold because it doesn’t absorb water.  This wren house looks great mounted on a tree or a post and blends in well with nature.

Another charming wren house is the Chickadee, Titmouse, & Wren Nest Box by Droll Yankees.  This wooden wren house may be stained or painted with non-toxic, weather resistant paint to give it a customized look.  It has a large overhang to help keep rain or wind out of the house and you can add a small perch for the wrens to land on to make entry into the wren house easier.