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Feed the Hummingbirds in Style with an Attractive Hummingbird Feeder

Now is a great time to put out your hummingbird feeder or add to your hummingbird feeder collection with a charming, beautiful, and unique hummingbird feeder.  The more hummingbird feeders that you have on display in your yard, the more hummingbirds that will come to visit your yard this summer.  Hummingbirds are attracted to bright, red colors and enjoy drinking sweet hummingbird nectar.  So, choose a hummingbird feeder that has red on it or fill your hummingbird feeder with hummingbird nectar that is colored red.

One of my favorite new hummingbird feeders is the Butterfly Perch Glass Hummingbird Feederby Exhart.  This attractive hummingbird feeder has a four butterfly shaped feeding ports with a colored, transparent glass ball.  It is also designed to glow in the dark, so it shimmers at night.  The glass ball is may be filled with red or clear hummingbird nectar. 

A fun way to light up your yard and feed the hummingbirds at the same time is by using the Solar Glass Hummingbird Stakes, which is also made by Exhart.  These colorful, glass bulbs make a statement along a walkway, pathway, and patio or garden area.  They are available in a pack of four assorted, vibrant colors.  The birds will love to drink from them and you will enjoy the beautiful light that they provide at night.

A beautiful, cut-glass style hummingbird feeder is the Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder by Audubon Woodlink.  It is made for vibrant, red glass that has facets to make it really stand out.  It is easy to clean because it has a wider opening than other hummingbird feeders and has four flower shaped feeding ports.  It is great for attracting multiple hummingbirds to your yard at one time.

A Bejeweled Bird Feeder Looks Beautiful in any Yard

Add instant charm and character to your yard with a beautiful, bejeweled bird feeder in your yard.  A bejeweled bird feeder is perfect for attracting and feeding the birds.  Made by Exhart, these beautiful, bejeweled bird feeders are available in a variety of vibrant, bright colors that will attract birds and delight visitors who come to your yard.  Each bejeweled, bird feeder is constructed of metal wire encrusted with glass jewels that sparkle in the sun.  In the center sits a clear, plastic seed tube that makes it easy to see when the bird feeder needs to be refilled.  The seed tube has four ports to feed multiple birds at one time and is easy to refill.  The outer wire cage helps protect the bird seed from the squirrels.  Here are a few of the fun bejeweled bird feeders to choose from:

  • The Bejeweled Apple Bird Feeder has a fun, apple design that is sure to get noticed in your yard.  The outer shell is made of twisted wire that is painted red that surrounds beautiful red jewels.  Two metal leaves and a stem on the top complete the apple design.  The center seed tube holds up to 1.5 pounds of bird seed.
  • The Bejeweled Orange Bird Feeder is another fruit inspired, bejewled bird feeder that looks very attractive in any yard and has great attention to detail.  The orange bejeweled bird feeder has orange painted wire with orange glass jewels to attract the birds to your yard.  It also has a metal leaf and stem on the top that adds a realistic touch to the bejeweled bird feeder and holds 1.5 pounds of bird seed.
  • Another beautiful, bejeweled bird feeder that is sure to catch the bird’s eye is the Filigree Globe Birdfeeder with Jewels.  This bejeweled bird feeder has beautiful blue jewels attached to silver wire.  The globe shape looks great hanging in a tree or on a post near a patio. 

Taking Care of a Unfinished, Wooden Birdhouse

Taking care of your unfinished, wooden birdhouseis not only important for the health and well being of the birds that will live in it, but also makes your unfinished, wooden birdhouse last longer.  An unfinished, wooden birdhouse will need some care before you hang it outside for the birds to use.  If you buy or have an unfinished, wooden birdhouse, here are some tips to follow when taking care of your unfinished, wooden birdhouse to make it safe for the birds and to help it last longer:

  • Inside of the Birdhouse. It is not a good idea to paint the inside of your unfinished, wooden birdhouse.  Paint can be toxic to birds and can chip and crack, which can get into the bird’s nest, food, etc.  In addition, the inside texture of the wood should smooth and never sticky because it can harm the bird’s feathers and more.
  • Outside of the Birdhouse. When taking care of the outside of the unfinished, wooden birdhouse, you may want to paint it or use a waterproof varnish for a more natural look.  If you decide to paint it, use a non-toxic paint that is made for outdoor use and avoid using a dark paint, such as black or dark brown or blue.  A dark or black paint will cause the birdhouse to heat up in the sun and make the birdhouse to hot inside for the birds.  If you want your unfinished, wooden birdhouse to blend in better with nature, use earth-tone colors in a weather-resistant paint for a more natural look.  When using a waterproof vanish, use a marine varnish or another type of varnish that will not become sticky under the hot sun.  Give the back or sides an extra coat if the back or sides will be touching a tree or wall.

Attract Birds to Your Yard by Offering Fresh Water

A great way to get more bird into your yard is to offer the bird fresh water on a daily basis.  Birds need to drink fresh water every day and also enjoy taking a dip in the water to clean themselves.  An easy way to provide the birds with fresh water on a regular base is to place  or hang a birdbath in your yard.   Use a birdbath that is shallow and easy for the birds to locate.  The ideal birdbath should be around 12 inches or larger in diameter and have a bottom that is easy for the birds to see how shallow it is.   Place your birdbath in a location that is easy for the birds to see and access.  A good place to place your birdbath is away from your home and in a location where birds can easily flee if needed.  Once you have placed your birdbath in a location that is best for the birds, keep it filled with fresh water on a regular basis.

One of my favorite birdbaths is the Hanging Bird Bath with Misterby Zoobox International.  This birdbath has steps for the birds to wade in the water and it is easy for the birds to see how shallow the water is.  It comes with a mister that runs on solar power and continually sprays a fine mist of water that birds love to bath in.  It is available in a variety of colors and red is the best for attracting hummingbirds. 

Another great birdbath by Zoobox International is the Multi-Level Octagonal Birdbath.  This free-standing birdbath is a light color and varied tiers that make it easy for birds to see the water depth.  It has the look of expensive stone, but not the weight of stone because it is made of fiberglass.

Attract Purple Martins to Your Yard

Purple Martins are the ideal guest for your backyard because they help to reduce the mosquito and insect population, which makes it easier for you and your family to enjoy spending time in the yard.  Attracting these useful birds can be tricky, but once you have attracted them to your yard, it is likely that they will stay for many years to come. 

It is a good idea to find out first if Purple Martins are prevailant in your area.  If Purple Martins are in abundance in the area around your home, then you will probably have a better chance at attracting.  In addition, Purple Martins looked for flat areas to settle in.  A Purple Martin bird house near a lake or open field makes attracting them easier because they are aerial feeders and like to fly in open spaces.

A great way to attract more Purple Martins to your yard is to install a Purple Martin bird house, Plastic 12 Room Purple Martin House, near a flat area.  Installing a purple martin bird house is easy and helps to attract more Purple Martins because these types of birds prefer to live in a colony.  Choose an apartment-style house or Purple Martin gourds to make your yard more inviting.  

If you are new to attracting Purple Martins, choose a Purple Martin house that is smaller in size or install a small grouping of Purple Martin gourds.  You may also want to place a purple martin decoy by the house to initially attract purple martins.  If a Purple Martin thinks a home is already occupied, he or she will be more likely to make the bird house in your yard their new home.

Once you have an established Purple Martin colony, then you can install a larger Purple Martin bird house to accommodate a growing Purple Martin colony.