Hot Pepper Suet Cake – #1 Best Seller from Nov. to Feb.

The hot pepper suet cakes for wild birds that we carry are laced with hot peppers that birds cannot taste but drives squirrels elsewhere for food.

We have a number of different hot pepper solutions:

Birds do not have receptors for capsaicin, the protein that makes peppers hot – which is the key to these innovative products.

The reason chilies incorporate capsaicin in their fruits (and red/green peppers of course are fruits in a botanical sense, not vegetables) seems to be to ensure that their seeds are dispersed properly. When small birds consume the fruits of wild peppers the seeds pass through the gut undigested and, due to the birds’ flight range, are deposited in distant places where they can grow with less competition. If the fruits were consumed by larger mammals the seeds would either be digested, or deposited much closer to the parent plant.

Studies have shown that the seeds of wild peppers are in fact dispersed almost exclusively by birds.