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RachelsRobin Christmas / New Year Jingle for you!

‘Twas the days surrounding Christmas and all ’round your yard,
the birds were all hungry while you wrote out your cards….
Your feeders were hung in the blustery space,
for no little bird has energy to waste….

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday cheer …
the feeders went empty – Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

So stop by the store, this week full of cheer,
we’ll extend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stop by the store this month and share a bit of the holiday season with us – and we’ll share a bit of savings with you –

Happy Holidays!

Paying full price is for the birds – Take advantage of these coupons at

Super End of the Year Savings

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There is still time for Christmas Delivery at!

upgraded shipping costs)

on “shipping/returns” for complete details. Flys away with the best holiday deals!

This won’t last long! – only until Dec. 17 – Merry Christmas!!!!

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Wild Bird Lover Gift Ideas – A Window Bird Feeder

What better gift is there to get for a niece, nephew or friend that loves wild birds?  An inquisite grandchild will get thrills out of seeing beautiful birds feed up close with a window bird feeder.

1) Dine Around Window BirdFeeder -  Arched design and wrap-around feeding ring create a 360° feeding area. More birds can feed at once – right at your window. Features three seed ports, wide-mouth top for easy filling, and suction-cup mounting.

2) Window Cafe Bird Feeder -  Our most popular window feeder ever!  A clear roof over hangs the seed tray to protect seed from rain. Seed reservoir slides out for easy filling and cleaning.  Stays put with 3 suction cups strategically placed.

3) Window Hummingbird Feeder -  The Nectar Bar Window Hummingbird Feeder features 3 ports and holds 6 ounces of nectar. The bright red cover attracts hummingbirds and has three feeding wells that thwart bees and other insects. The red cover pops off the removable tray for easy cleaning and filling.