In-House Bird Feeders!

Bird feeding is an entertaining activity that can be done throughout the year, and it is actually one of the most popular American hobbies of all time.

Did you know that the best time of the year for bird feeding is in the winter?  This is especially true if you live in a colder part of the country.  During the cold winter months, birds band together to look for food sources.  In the summer months, birds rarely leave their nesting sites, usually someplace with a steady food supply.  But in the winter months, birds have to travel great lengths to find food as their usual food sources become scarce.

In the bland winter months, what could be more enjoyable than seeing a variety of colorful birds right in your own backyard?  What about seeing these colorful birds practically in your own house?  That is what you can get with the In-House Window Bird Feeder, shown to the right.  With this cedar platform feeder, birds can expect a steady supply of nourishment, making them frequent visitors.   The seeds and nuts that birds become accustomed to consuming during the winter months can easily be covered with snow, making it difficult for the birds to eat.  With the In-House Window Bird Feeder, the food will always be visible to them.  This feeder is weather resistant and will last many years.  It also has a one-way mirrored panel, so the birds will not be scared away because they will not see you watching them.  The convenience of this feeder and its large observation makes it perfect for any bird watcher!

Keep in mind that once birds find the food source in your backyard, they may become dependent on it for survival.  Please refill the feeder continuously!  This is especially true when there is particularly bad weather, as it will be extremely difficult for the birds to find another source of food.