Benefits of a Caged Birdfeeder

For most people choosing the right birdfeeder consists of very simple criteria.  A feeder purchase is based on: durability, weather resistance and squirrel resistance.

Noone want to fill up a feeder and watch the squirrels gobble down every last bit of seed before a single bird has had a chance to visit the feeder.  There a number of different type of weight resistant feeders that limit squirrel seed munching – but many people prefer to keep it a bit simpler.

The Caged style birdfeeders are simple, do not have moving parts and many of them are very durable as well as weather resistant.

Pictured to the right is Birdscapes Preserve Birdfeeder, a customer favorite.  Over the years it has become a favorite because of it’s beauty, squirrel resistancy and simplicity.  The simple design, as well as the ability to see when the seed is getting low are common accolades that our customers use in reviews of this feeder.

It is very easy to clean and the feeder refills from the top, which is a well liked feature.  Most of all, our customers like that it is fully assembled upon arrival.  Easy as 1-2-3.  Hang, fill and watch the birds fly in to feed!