Attract Orioles with Oranges and Grape Jelly

Children are not the only ones you can attract with grape jelly, orioles love it too!

Made from 90% recycled plastic lumber, the Going Green Oriole Fruit Feeder helps to preserve the environment and makes a durable and healthy bird feeder for orioles and bluebirds.

The Going Green series of feeders are not new – it’s the Grape Jelly that is new!  The Oriole feeder pictured to the right has 2 jelly bowls. The feeder also has spikes for orange halves.  The jelly dishes filled with scrumptious grape jelly entice orioles to eat. The dishes may also hold meal worms if your interest is bluebirds.

Hang from a branch or post.

Size of feeder is 9″ x 6″ x 8″

All orioles have a strong sweet tooth, and they prefer a range of foods that offer proper nutrition and  sugar.  Jelly is the perfect solution to this sweet tooth (or beak as it may be).

The sugar jelly will also attract insects which may tempt you to spray a pesticide.  Avoid spraying pesticides to remove the insects. Depending on the oriole species, insects may make up to 90 percent of their diet, particularly during nesting season when young birds require more protein for healthy growth and development.