Warm Nights = Windows Open = Sound of Birds in the Morning

It has been unseasonably warm across much of the United States and that trend is no different where we live.

RachelsRobin.com is headquartered near the Detroit area. The last few days have reached mid to upper 70′s and the nights are not that much cooler, a great time to open the windows for a cool breeze at night.

Shockingly, this morning the sounds of birds awoke me that sounded like they were on the pillow next to me! They were loud! It was not only a normal wake up call – it was a wake up call to start putting out the feeders and seed. The chances are slim that it will be a late spring.

All things point to an early spring and that means you must get the birds to get into the habit to come to your yard rather than the competition (the guy down the street, right?)

The best way to ensure that you have many, many more mornings of beautiful bird song – is to get the birdfeeders out now. Pictured to the right is a new design window feeder that your birds will flock to and give you that desired wakeup call!

Happy beginning of spring and don’t forget to use coupon: green (all lowercase to save $5 on your order) — cart total > $49 / one coupon per order / expires March 30.