Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Attracting birds, or more birds to your yard is really a simple task.  It sounds crazy, but you do not need a meticulously groomed yard.

First, you need good soil.  Add compost to all your plants when you plant and to your soil years after.  Good soil gives you good plants.  Good plants attract birds.  Good soil attracts earthworms.  We all know robins love earthworms.

Second, no more insect killer.  Pesticides will kill both bad pests and good insects.  Good insects are beneficial to a healthy garden.  They keep the populations in check, in addition to providing food for the insect lovings birds. Poisoned insects equals poisoned birds.

Third, provide water.  This can be done simply or you go all out.    You can use any type of shallow bowl, even a dog bowl.  Whether you use a bowl or fancy bird bath remember birds like low level water…no more than 2 – 3 inches deep.  Birds like to stand in the bath, so add a few rocks for some height. Remember to always have fresh water water.  If you can add a bubbler of some type the dripping water will attract more birds.  Also, don’t forget that water will freeze in the winter, so you need fresh water or a heater for your birdbath.

Finally, you need to feed the birds.  Bird feeders range from the simple to the decorative.   The elaborate are for decorating purposes as birds will eat seeds from a simple feeder just as well.

Summer is here.  Follow the steps above and then sit back and enjoy the birds.