Keep Hangers and Poles in your View for Best Results

Is your largest feeders hung on an available tree deep in your yard?

Can you even  see it from the house?

These feeders are usually filled on nice days, but they may go unfilled at times because it’s easy to forget about a feeder that you don’t regularly see! Not to mention nasty weather can keep us from filling a feeder that is not in our view.

Rather than let the birds go hungry, why not invest in a couple of poles and hangers that can be used to move feeders closer to the house and also in position for better bird viewing?

Pictured to the right is the effortless bird feeder that actually slides down the pole for filling!

Move your feeder now when the ground is not frozen and the weather is nice. With a little forethought and action, you can be enjoying beautiful bird views all summer and winter long from the comfort of your house—and filling feeders will be easier than ever!