RachelsRobin.com Announces “Dog Days of Summer Sale” – Woohoo!


When the temperatures soar, those friendly little feathered friends can stop soaring if they are not given enough water!  We’ve talked and talked about the necessity of offering feathered visitors some water  - but during these stifling hot days throughout most of the US – it is even more important.

With RachelsRobin’s Dog Days sale – you can stock up on NEVER MELT SUET and a bird bath – save big and use coupon dogday to save even more.

Many people think they have to spend hundreds on an effective bird bath, but that is simply not true. One of our favorites is just $10 and does an absolute splendid job keeping your feathered visitors happy and hydrated.  The Perky Pet Water Cooler.  It holds 1.5 quarts and is easily carried around to hang wherever the birds come.

Stop on by and let us EARN your business with our quick smiles, knowledgeable  staff and great prices at www.RachelsRobin.com