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Bird Feeding throughout Late Winter

Farmington Hills, MI – January 14th, 2013  ( )

There are many varieties of bird feeders, including hoppers or house bird feeders, tube feeders, platform or tray feeders, hummingbird (a nectar type birdfeeder), fruit feeders, and others.

In general, seed feeders fall into one of three categorizations: hopper bird feeders or house feeders, tube bird feeders, or platform feeders.

Hopper Bird Feeders (also called House Feeders) have a platform which walls and a roof are built, forming a “hopper”. The hopper protects the bird seed against the wind, water and other elements. Hopper birdfeeders can be used to attract both small birds such as finches or large birds such as blue jays. With hopper bird feeders, be careful about regular cleaning. Not many hopper feeders do a good job of protecting seed from the rain, and the seed can become moldy. Most hopper type feeders hold a substantial amount of bird seed.

Tube birdfeeders are constructed with a hollow cylinder, and have multiple feeding ports and bird perches. Tube birdfeeders generally keep the seed fairly dry. Tube bird feeders with shorter perches can be used for smaller birds. A tube feeder with small perches can accommodate chickadees, but can exclude large birds such as jays.

Platform Feeders (also called Tray Feeders) consist of a tray that is open upon which the feed is placed. These birdfeeders offer little protection against squirrels or the weather. Some tube bird feeders give you the ability to attach a tray birdfeeder to it.

Hummingbird feeders are nectar feeders and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Hummingbird feeders are enclosed, many times made of glass or plastic, and often have 4 to 6 feeding ports. These ports are often surrounded with colorful plastic flowers and bee guards. The nectar solution that is used in hummingbird feeders can be homemade, using a ratio of 4 parts water to 1 part white sugar. Boil the water, stir in the sugar while hot, and don’t forget to allow it to cool before filling the hummingbird feeder. The humming birdfeeder should be washed at least once per week and any remaining nectar thrown out.

Fruit Feeders – Fruit bird feeders come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A commonly used fruit is the orange, which can be used to attract orioles and tanagers.

Other Feeders – Other feeders include squirrel proof feeders, suet feeders, novelty bird feeders, cedar feeders etc. Squirrel proof feeders are often variations of one of the feeder types listed above and can include a wire mesh, squirrel baffle, protective cage or a special squirrel guard. Suet birdfeeders often have a wire mesh cage that is used to hold a suet or a suet mixture. These feeders can be very useful for woodpeckers and cardinals.

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How Will Birds Find My Feeders?

Wild birds find food by sight.

Place feeders in easily seen areas. Be patient and the birds will come.

In order to have many birds on a frequent basis – it can take a year or two of continuous feeding, depending on your geographical area and the migration patterns of the birds.

Birds are constantly searching for food sources. If you don’t seem to be attracting birds, make sure you have the right food. If you purchase inexpensive mixes containing a lot of milo, millet and corn, you may not attract the more desirable songbirds.

If you have a good food available and still are not attracting birds, try tying a piece of tin foil on top of the feeder or purchasing a feeder with a bit of copper on it. A little glint from copper or foil will catch their eye.

Open water will sometimes attract birds more than a bird feeder.

Got Squirrels? Get the Flipper – an Innovative Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The second a squirrel jumps on the Yankee Flipper’s perch, his weight activates a motor and the perch begins to spin.

Your squirrel quickly loses his grip—and whoops—off he goes!

The circular perch accommodates all birds, even cardinals. A power stick with nickel cadmium batteries and charger are included.

There are four feeding ports and it holds 5 pounds of seed.

The birdfeeder is 21 inches tall.

The squirrel proof feeder is an all time favorite and many of our customers hang it near a window so they can enjoy the fun all day long.

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A Mushroom Birdhouse to Decorate your Yard (great housewarming gift!)

Hang this mushroom-shaped birdhouse from a tree, deck or patio to add a dash of charm to your lawn.

The top removes for easy cleaning.

Adding bird houses to your backyard is a great way to attract cavity-nesting birds.

Remember that not all bird species will choose an enclosed house to raise their families, but there are hundreds of bird species throughout the world that will readily use bird houses and nest boxes like this gorgeous mushroom house pictured to the right.


Rachel’s Wild Bird Tip of the Day

Mealworms are full of nutrition and are an excellent food for insect-eating birds such as robins, wrens, woodpeckers and bluebirds.

Mealworms can be fed to birds all year round, in very cold weather or very dry weather.

When birds struggle to find worms, insects and spiders in the ground, mealworms make a good alternative food for them.

The Birdlover’s Blend Hi-Energy Plus with Mealworms Wild Bird Seed by F.M. Browns provides wild birds with a high energy source that tastes great and gives them lots of protein. A variety of backyard birds will love this high protein and fat seed Announces “Dog Days of Summer Sale” – Woohoo!


When the temperatures soar, those friendly little feathered friends can stop soaring if they are not given enough water!  We’ve talked and talked about the necessity of offering feathered visitors some water  - but during these stifling hot days throughout most of the US – it is even more important.

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Many people think they have to spend hundreds on an effective bird bath, but that is simply not true. One of our favorites is just $10 and does an absolute splendid job keeping your feathered visitors happy and hydrated.  The Perky Pet Water Cooler.  It holds 1.5 quarts and is easily carried around to hang wherever the birds come.

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Touched by a Human – Will a bird be abandoned?

If I handle a baby bird, won’t its parents pick up my scent and abandon it?

It’s a myth that parent birds will abandon young that have been touched by humans—most birds have a poor sense of smell, and birds in general identify their young using the same cues we humans do—appearance and sound.

It’s perfectly safe to pick up a fallen nestling and put it back in the nest, or to carry a fledgling out of danger and place it in a tree or shrub.

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Keep Hangers and Poles in your View for Best Results

Is your largest feeders hung on an available tree deep in your yard?

Can you even  see it from the house?

These feeders are usually filled on nice days, but they may go unfilled at times because it’s easy to forget about a feeder that you don’t regularly see! Not to mention nasty weather can keep us from filling a feeder that is not in our view.

Rather than let the birds go hungry, why not invest in a couple of poles and hangers that can be used to move feeders closer to the house and also in position for better bird viewing?

Pictured to the right is the effortless bird feeder that actually slides down the pole for filling!

Move your feeder now when the ground is not frozen and the weather is nice. With a little forethought and action, you can be enjoying beautiful bird views all summer and winter long from the comfort of your house—and filling feeders will be easier than ever!

6 Steps to Better Bird Feeding

1. Put out the welcome mat
Help fight habitat loss by landscaping with native plants. Native plants provide nesting sites and shelter from predators. Be sure to offer plenty of feeders, nest boxes and water.

2. Prepare a proper menu
There’s no substitute for delicious and nutritious seeds, nuts and fruits. Selective mixes draw specific birds for your viewing pleasure. Refill feeders often.

3. Keep it clean
Dirty or uncleaned feeders are breeding grounds for disease. Clean feeders at least twice a month with a 10% solution of bleach in warm water. Keep seed and foods dry. Discard food that smells musty, is wet or looks moldy.

4. Birds and chemicals don’t mix
Many pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are toxic to birds. Avoid using these near areas where birds feed, bathe or rest. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

5. Keep cats away from birds
Birders love all kinds of animals. Protect your feathered friends by keeping cats indoors. Install feeders in areas not readily accessible to cats and install fences or other barriers to keep stray cats from feeders.

6. Reduce window collisions
Collisions with glass windows kill millions of wild birds every year. Windows can trick birds by reflecting the sky or vegetation. Cover problem windows with a screen, decals or other decorations. Consider moving feeders to within three feet of windows so birds cannot accelerate to injury level speeds.

#1 Bird Watcher Myth of All Time!

True or False: Only a few birds use bird baths, so it’s not worth having one.


On the contrary, all birds need a clean water source not just for drinking, but also for bathing and preening.

Many birds that are not interested in seed, suet or nectar may still visit backyards where a good bird bath or other backyard water source is available.

Not only do birds love bird baths, but us humans do to!  The sites and sounds of birds congregating and bathing in a birdbath is one of the joys of birdwatching.

Finally - mosquitoes love birdbaths too, if they are stagnant and not freshened often.  So if you have a birdbath, use a product like mosquito dunks to keep those nasty pests out of there!

Pictured to the right is our Lily Leaf Pedestal Bird Bath – at a great price, it is a customer favorite.  Just looks gorgeous in your yard or garden.