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Bird Bath Heaters For Winter Bird Watching!

You might not think to put out a bird bath in your backyard for the winter, but birds still need to bathe in the winter!  Birds do not need to bathe as much in the winter as they do in the summer, as  they can usually go a longer time without washing themselves.  However, birds still need, and enjoy, taking baths in the winter.

If you enjoy bird watching like I do, I would recommend that you put a bird bath in your backyard during the winter months.  I have for the past couple of winters, and plenty of birds consistently come to my house to bathe themselves.  They also used the bird bath as a source of drinking water.

Unless you want to pour boiling water into your summer bird bath a couple of times a day, you have some much easier options for winter bird baths!  One good idea is to get a bird bath that can serve as a heated bird bath in the winter, and a regular bird bath for the summer.  If you go this route, there are a variety of heated bird baths to choose from.  In the summer, you just won’t turn on the heat source.

Personally, instead of purchasing a heated bird bath, I decided to purchase a bath heater.  The brand I bought is the Blue Devil 300 Watt Bird Bath Heater.  I simply put the thermostat in my commercial bird bath, and it heats the water from anywhere from 40 degrees to 50 degrees.  This particular heater can be used on a variety of types of bird baths, anywhere from plastic to pottery to concrete.  All you have to do is plug the heater it in an outlet, and place it in the bath.  When warm weather arrives you store it until next winter.

A couple things to keep in mind is that not only will birds use the bird baths for bathing, but they will use it for drinking water.  Just like you would in the summer, it is important to wash and refill the bird baths often.  Never put any chemicals in the water.  Do not even think about using antifreeze in a winter bird bath.  Also, birds have the option to obtain drinking water from snow, but if there is no snow on the ground there are usually not many other sources of fresh water.  Try to refill your bird bath often as birds will come to depend on your supply of fresh water.

Help Out Endangered Birds in Your Home and Yard this Winter

Now is a great time to be thinking about the endangered birds in your area.  Many birds are becoming extinct because of a lack of resources for them in their environment.  Our use of toxic chemicals, garbage and other manmade causes are increasing the amount of birds that are becoming endangered every year.  It is important for everyone to lend a hand by offering birds year round shelter, food, and clean drinking water and by not using pollutants that will damage the Earth’s environment at home and recycling as much as you can.

Shelter is one of the key items that birds need for year round survival.  It is important because birds need a place to get warm in the winter, protect themselves from the elements, and to help protect their babies from preditors.  Setting up a variety of shelters around your yard will help the birds to thrive and you will have the added benefit of some great bird watching.  A nest box is an economical home for the birds and makes a great home to escape from preditors and bad weather.  The Audubon Cedar Bluebird House and the Cedar Wren / Chickadee House both make wonderful homes for the birds in your yard. 

In addition to shelter, it is important to offer food to the birds in your yard.  Use a variety of feeders to help attract numerous birds to your yard.  One of my favorite bird feeders is the Perky Pet Triple Tube Bird Feeder-Charcoal.  This feeder has three feeder tubes to feed three types of bird seed to the birds at one time and won’t require constant filling. 

Providing water for the birds year round, especially in the winter, is vital for the birds.  In the winter, a heated bird bath is great for keeping the warm, so it won’t freeze over.  The Farm Innovators Premium Electric Bird Bath De-Icer will help to keep the warm enough for the birds to drink and bathe in.  This de-ier can be placed in any bird bath and works well even in cold temperatures.

Other ways that you can help the birds in your own home are by using products that are safe for the environment.  It is also important for you to recycle plastic, paper, metal and more to help decrease the amount of trash in the landfills.  By doing this small steps in your home, you will help improve the environment for the birds and help to reduce the amount of birds that are becoming endangered.

Keep Your Bird Bath Water Warm with a Heater

Finding a source of warm water for birds during the winter is critical for their survival.  An easy way to provide birds with water during the winter is to use a heated bird bath or a bird bath heater in your bird bath.  By offering a source of fresh water for the birds during the winter, you will not only be helping the birds to thrive, but will also attract more birds to your yard.

A classic bird bath that looks great in any yard is the Heated Bird Bath with Stand.  This stylish and streamline bird bath has a sturdy, weatherproof stand with a white basin.  The white basin is ideal for attracting birds because they will be able to see the bottom and it blends in well with the snow.  The heater in the bird bath is designed to keep the water from freezing in temperatures up to -20 degrees.  This bird bath also includes hardware for mounting it to your deck.

The Heated Ground BirdBath – 70 Watts is a fun and unique way to offer the birds with water.  This bird bath is designed to sit on the ground to provide birds with easy access to warmer water.  The unique shape of this feeder looks great in a garden, flower bed, or placed on your lawn.  It blends in well with any rock formation and looks like a real rock.  The birds will love the shallowness of the bird bath.

If you are just looking for a heating element to place inside your bird bath, choose one like the Heated Rock Bird Bath De-icer -75 Watts to warm up your bird bath water and keep it from freezing over.  This de-icer is thermostatically controlled to work when the temperature drops below 35 degrees.  Made of cast aluminum to be durable and weather resistant, this de-icer has a great rock shape that blends in well with any bird bath.

Keeping a supply of fresh water for the birds during the winter is important for the survival of birds and helps to attract them to your yard.  For a great selection of heated bird baths and bird bath heaters, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Get Ready for Autumn and Winter Bird Feeding

If you live in the north, fall can be a great time to continue feeding the birds, even though a majority of birds have gone south for the winter.  Some of the birds that stay around for the fall and winter are Sparrows, Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays. During the fall, these birds are busy stocking up on food to get them through the winter.

A great seed to get for your fall and winter birds is the Birdlovers Thrive RX Stress/Survival Blend by FM Browns.  This special blend of bird seed is formulated to give your birds the nutrients and energy they need to make it through the winter.  It is a great source of protein and carbohydrates for birds.

When feeding your birds during the fall and winter, use a feeder that offers some protection from the elements, such as the Go Green Coppertop Gazebo Feeder.  This feeder has a sturdy, copper roof that is great for protecting the birds from rain and snow.  It is also easy to fill up with bird seed and keep clean.

Another essential item for attracting birds to your yard this fall and winter is a bird bath heater.  Water is less available during the colder months and by offering birds warm water when the weather is cool, you are sure to attract birds to your yard during the winter.  A great bird bath heater is the Heated Rock Bird Bath De-icer.  This bird bath heater blends in nicely in your birdbath and operates only when the temperature is below 35 degrees.  It is energy efficient and easy to operate.

Plan Now for Winter Birdfeeding

With fall around the corner, now is the time to think about your birding supplies for the winter. Many bird lovers enjoy feeding the birds during the fall and winter and it helps to keep the birds thriving when food sources are lower. When planning for winter birdfirding, keep in mind the following things:

  • Find out what birds are likely to stay around for the winter. Consult a bird guide, such as the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, to find out what native birds stick around when the temperature gets cold.
  • Choose feeders that are designed especially for the type of bird that is native to your area and get seed specific for those types of birds. With the right feeder and seed, you should have no problem attacting the birds in the winter time.
  • Purchase a heated bird bath or a bird bath heater like the Gulf Stream 300 watt Bird Bath Heater to provide the birds with warm water during the cold months of the year. Birds still need to drink water and bathe in the winter and providing them with a clean, warm water source is going to attract more birds to your yard.
  • Put up shelter for the birds. If you currently have suitable bird houses, clean them out if the occupants have left for the season to encourage other birds to use them for shelter. Check first to see if the bird house has the right dimensions and hole size for your new visitors. You can also purchase nest boxes and hang them from trees or poles in your yard.

By taking care of the birds during the winter, you not only help the environment and the birds, but it also brings interest to your yard during the most barren time of the year. Check out Rachel’s Robin for all of your year round bird feeding needs.