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WoodLink Launches Revolutionary New Slot N Pin System

WoodLink introduces Slot ‘n Pin, the newest innovation to come along in many years in hooks, hangers and accessories for the lawn & garden/ birding industry.

Slot ‘n Pin features heavy-duty steel hangers, hooks and mounts with a patented design that allows color-coded accessory hangers or hooks (with a pin) that simply slide into matching colorcoded mounting receivers or clamps (the slot).

Slot ‘n Pin accessories can be installed in just minutes on pole connectors that allow for single, double, triple and quad combinations of various accessories; wall mounts that allow for single and double hooks and hangers; or deck clamps that allow for single or double hooks and hangers on either vertical or horizontal deck rails.

This ingenious design provides limitless combinations of accessory design for the consumer who wants to create their own unique backyard sensation.

  • Unique designs that provide limitless combinations
  • Mix & match
  • Easy to change and add new accessories to create a new look

The NEW Slot n’ Pin