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Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Attracting birds, or more birds to your yard is really a simple task.  It sounds crazy, but you do not need a meticulously groomed yard.

First, you need good soil.  Add compost to all your plants when you plant and to your soil years after.  Good soil gives you good plants.  Good plants attract birds.  Good soil attracts earthworms.  We all know robins love earthworms.

Second, no more insect killer.  Pesticides will kill both bad pests and good insects.  Good insects are beneficial to a healthy garden.  They keep the populations in check, in addition to providing food for the insect lovings birds. Poisoned insects equals poisoned birds.

Third, provide water.  This can be done simply or you go all out.    You can use any type of shallow bowl, even a dog bowl.  Whether you use a bowl or fancy bird bath remember birds like low level water…no more than 2 – 3 inches deep.  Birds like to stand in the bath, so add a few rocks for some height. Remember to always have fresh water water.  If you can add a bubbler of some type the dripping water will attract more birds.  Also, don’t forget that water will freeze in the winter, so you need fresh water or a heater for your birdbath.

Finally, you need to feed the birds.  Bird feeders range from the simple to the decorative.   The elaborate are for decorating purposes as birds will eat seeds from a simple feeder just as well.

Summer is here.  Follow the steps above and then sit back and enjoy the birds.

Fall Blossoms Birdfeeder – A great Autumn Addition

This Fall Blossoms Birdfeeder is part of the Retro Chic Collection by Rossos International that will add personality to any home.

The roof is made out of galvanized steel and has a pagoda style. The diagonal lines create a very contemporary feel and the pattern is certain to offer an expression of individuality.

The Retro Chic bird feeder collection was designed by Helena, displaying her reverence for nature & her passion for detail. This line is filled with detail but, but what is most unique about this line is that it is not only decorative but fully functional & easy to clean.

The roof is made out of galvanized steel & screwed to the wood for greater reinforcement.

This bird feeder has 4 feeding stations plus a perched station for greater dimension to this unique design. Our feeders are made from exterior grade ply board, kiln dried hardwood & non toxic exterior grade paint. The clear plastic reservoir windows keep the feed level visible at all times and can be removed for convenient cleaning. Filling your feeder is simple, just lift up the roof and allow the seed to fill out the house.

Birds that use this feeder: Chickadees, finches, cardinals, goldfinches, nuthatches, sparrows, starlings, grosbeaks, jays, wrens, kinglets, titmice, towhees, woodpeckers. Seed or feed options: mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, sunflower kernels, cracked corn.

Add a Touch of Spring to Your Yard with a Decorative Bird Feeder

Start preparing for the arrival of spring with a beautiful and decorative bird feeder for your home or yard.  A decorative bird feeder is a great way to add some spring cheer any where you place it and it is great for attracting the birds who fly back early to your yard.  To liven up your yard for spring with a bird feeder, look for bird feeders that have a unique shape or ones that are brightly colored.  Here are some of my favorite bird feeders for spring:

  • One of my favorite, fun bird feeders for spring is the Singing Birds Birdfeeder by Rossos International.  This beautiful, hand-painted bird feeder is painted in a bright yellow and has charming birds and flowers painted on the front.  It may be filled up with a variety of bird seed to attract any early bird to your yard.  A cute, little wooden bird sits on top to add some whimsy to the bird feeder.
  • An unusual bird feeder for your yard is the Cattail Wire Mesh Stake Wild Bird Feeder made by Duncraft.  This natural looking bird feeder is ideal for any natural water setting such as a pond or lake.  The birds love to feed from the bird feeder and this bird feeder can be placed near a deck or patio to add a touch of nature.  Place this bird feeder in your yard as soon as the snow melts and the ground softens to start attracting finches, chickadees and more.
  • For those of us that are missing the warm, glow of the sun, the Solstice Bird Feeder by Woodstream is sure to bring some spring cheer to your yard.  This bird feeder features a colorful, stained glass sun and can hold up to 5.5 pounds of bird seed.  Hang this bird feeder near a window in your home to enjoy the sun rays shining through the stained glass. 

Get Rid of the Winter Blues with a Colorful Bird Feeder or Birdhouse

Spring is still a few months away and many people suffer from the winter blues.  A great way to add some spring color into your life is to add some colorful bird feeders to your yard or a colorful birdhouse inside your home as a decoration.  Adding a splash of color will help to lift a person’s mood and give some hope that spring is just around the corner. 

My favorite line of colorful birdhouses is the fun, colorful line of birdhouses by Rossos International.  If you choose to wait to place your birdhouse outside until early spring, it makes a great spring decoration for your home and is sure to brighten up your day.  The Psychodelic Birds Retro Chic Birdfeederis a brightly colored birdhouse that is sure to brighten up your day.  Made of wood with a bright turquoise painted exterior, this birdhouse is sure to remind you that spring is not far away.  The little psychedelic birds are painted in multiple colors and add a fun, interesting touch to the birdhouse.  A cute little bird sits on top a piece of wood for an extra special touch.  If you decide to place the birdhouse outside, the metal roof will help protect the birds for a variety of elements.

One of my favorite bird feeders is the Seaside Bird Feeder by Woodstream.  This beach inspired bird feeder is sure to remind you of a summer’s day spent at the beach.  This bird feeder features a vibrant green roof with palm trees in the center for a tropical feel.  Made of metal and plastic, you will have many years of enjoying this beautiful and durable bird feeder.  It is designed to hold up to 3.25 pounds of bird seed and may hold a variety of bird seed, which makes it great for year round use.

For a great selection of colorful and fun bird feeders and birdhouses, check out the decorative bird feeders and birdhouses at Rachel’s Robin.

Decorative Bird Feeders that Will Delight You All Year

With so many styles of bird feeders to choose from, it can be a difficult decision choosing one for your yard.  To liven up your yard, choose unique bird feeders that are colorful, fun, and sure to add a touch of whimsy to your yard.  Decorative bird feeders also make charming and unique gifts for the bird lover in your life.  Here are a few decorative bird feeders that you are sure to love:

  • Enhance your yard’s natural surroundings with the Cattail Wire Mesh Stake Wild Bird Feeder.  This charming feeder is very easy to setup and looks great by itself or in a group.  Place this feeder near a pond or pool for an extra special touch of nature in your yard.  
  • For a touch of Victorian style in your yard, the Scarlet Rose Wild Bird Feederhas beautiful etched glass in a deep, red frame and is easy to clean and fill with bird seed.  This feeder looks great placed on a cherry tree branch or on a Shepard’s hook in your front yard.  It has long perches for multiple bird feeding and birds can feed from all four sides.  This feeder makes a great holiday gift for any bird lover.
  • To add a beachy look to your yard or patio, the Seaside Bird Feeder will make a great addition to your bird feeder collection. This fun, tropical inspired bird feeder is perfect for adding to your beach theme decor. It makes a great gift for anyone who lives near the water.
  • If you have more of a southwestern look to your yard, the Mesa Bird Feeder will add a western touch to your decor.  This feeder has classic, southwestern accents that you or your bird lover will love.  It features a coyote howling at the moon and standing by a cactus. 

Adding a decorative bird feeder to your yard will add to its appeal and charm.  For a great selection of decorative bird feeders, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Wild Bird Lover Gifts for the Holidays

Give the wild bird lover in your life something special this holiday season with an unique bird gift that is sure to make a great impression.  Whether your wild bird lover just enjoys feeding the birds or has interest in attracting more birds to their yard, there are a number of great items available to suit your needs.  The following items are some of my favorite wild bird products for this holiday season:

  • Make a grand statement with a birdbath.  A great gift for any bird lover is the  Birdscapes Garden Sip and Seed BirdFeeder.   This feeder/bird bath combination is sure to a winner with any bird lover.  It has a classic, charming appeal and may be hung up on any post or tree branch.  The bird bath matches the bird feeder perfectly for a coordinated look.  It is easy to clean and refill with both food and water.  Any bird lover would be thrilled to receive this sleek bird feeder and bird bath.
  • Have fun with a colorful, wild birdhouse.  Nothing makes a statement in a yard more, than a colorful, printed birdhouse.  To liven up your bird lover’s outdoor living space, the Animal Print birdhouse is a creative way to express your love of wild birds.  This birdhouse is designed not only to look pretty, but it also has a galvanized steel roof to help protect wild birds from the elements outdoors.  To give you the perfect size hole for any bird, a reducer magnet is included to make the birdhouse more appealing to smaller birds.
  • Give some economical holiday cheer.  A decorative seed wreath is an economical way to show the wild bird lover in your life that you care.  One of my favorite seed wreaths is the Candy Cane Seed Wreath by Pine Tree Farms.  This clever seed wreath is shaped in the classic candy cane shape.  With bright green and red seed, the birds are sure to take notice.  An attached hanger makes this wreath easy to hang anywhere and looks great decorating a pine tree for the holidays.

These items are just a few of my favorites bird lover gifts for the holidays.  For a great selection in wild bird items, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Add Charm to Your Yard with a Decorative Birdhouse or Bird Feeder

A great bird house or feeder will instantly add character and charm to your yard, not to mention it is great for helping the birds to thrive.  Adding a stylish birdhouse or bird feeder is ideal for spicing up your patio or garden area.  There are some fun, decorative birdhouses and bird feeders available that are great for the birds and for adding a touch of fun to your yard.

One of my new favorite birdhouses is the Starfish Retro Chic Birdhouse by Rossos International.  This fun, vibrant birdhouse add color to your yard and gives the birds a safe, cozy, and dry home.  The hand-painted starfish on this birdhouse are very fun and whimsical and the little birdie sitting on top looks adorable.  Hang this charming birdhouse on a tree limb or a post in your garden and enjoy!

Another fun, decorative piece for your yard is the Peace Retrochic Bird Feeder.  This charming and unique bird feeder has a fun, vibrant peace design that is sure to bring attention to any spot in your yard.  It is ideal for feeding a variety of birds and can be used with any small, mixed birdseed.  The birdseed stays dry because the feeder has a galvanized steel roof.

Whether you choose a fun, decorative birdhouse or a bird feeder, you won’t be disappointed with the charm and whimsy that it brings to your yard.  Not only do these birdhouses and feeders add character and color, but they are very practical and help the birds to survive and be healthy.  For more fun birdhouses and bird feeders, check out Rachel’s Robin.