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Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Attracting birds, or more birds to your yard is really a simple task.  It sounds crazy, but you do not need a meticulously groomed yard.

First, you need good soil.  Add compost to all your plants when you plant and to your soil years after.  Good soil gives you good plants.  Good plants attract birds.  Good soil attracts earthworms.  We all know robins love earthworms.

Second, no more insect killer.  Pesticides will kill both bad pests and good insects.  Good insects are beneficial to a healthy garden.  They keep the populations in check, in addition to providing food for the insect lovings birds. Poisoned insects equals poisoned birds.

Third, provide water.  This can be done simply or you go all out.    You can use any type of shallow bowl, even a dog bowl.  Whether you use a bowl or fancy bird bath remember birds like low level water…no more than 2 – 3 inches deep.  Birds like to stand in the bath, so add a few rocks for some height. Remember to always have fresh water water.  If you can add a bubbler of some type the dripping water will attract more birds.  Also, don’t forget that water will freeze in the winter, so you need fresh water or a heater for your birdbath.

Finally, you need to feed the birds.  Bird feeders range from the simple to the decorative.   The elaborate are for decorating purposes as birds will eat seeds from a simple feeder just as well.

Summer is here.  Follow the steps above and then sit back and enjoy the birds.

Tips for Summer Bird Feeding

With summer just around the corner, it is time to change your approach to feeding wild birds.  While winter birds may love the bird seed you leave out for them in the winter, the same bird seed may not cut it in the summer.  This is because birds can easily find foods packed with nutrients in the summer. After all, during the summer there are plenty of insects, nuts, worms, and nectar from a variety of flowers.  Plentiful food is the reason birds migrate to North America to nest!  Keep in mind that in the summer you will be feeding pairs of birds, instead of the flocks you were feeding in the winter.  Here are a few more tips to keep in mind for summer bird feeding:

  • Food does not stay fresh for long in the hot summer heat.  Even seed can spoil in very humid temperatures.  You will know it has spoiled if it becomes soft or moldy.  The best thing to do to prevent bird seed from spoiling is to only put out small quantities at a time.  Use a small bird feeder, like the Mushroom Seed BirdFeeder, to prevent large quantities of food from spoiling.  You also have to be sure to clean your bird feeders often to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • The best food to put out in the summer is “treat” bird food.  As mentioned above, birds are not going to be as interested in the bird seed they get in the winter.  Most birds love nuts, and they are seen as a great “treat” bird food.  Nuts are more expensive than seed, but you will be feeding pairs of nesting birds instead of entire flocks of birds, so the price should not do much damage to your wallet.  You can use a very simple feeder, such as a platform feeder, to put out whichever chopped nuts you want (pecans or walnuts work great).  I would suggest using the Multi-Purpose Platform Feeder for Birds, pictured above.  As the name suggests, this feeder is a “multi-purpose” feeder and can hold seeds, nuts, or even chopped up suet cakes.  The Multi-Purpose Platform Feeder for Birds filled with nuts will definitely appeal to summer birds.
  • Most of the birds that are present in the summer love fruit.  Putting out a variety of fresh fruit in the summer will ensure that a variety of colorful summer birds visit your backyard.  You can use a fruit feeder, like the Bird Fruit Feeder 4 in., to provide fruit like orange slices, apples, and bananas.  The Bird Fruit Feeder 4 in. has two hooks that can each hold one piece of fruit. Flys away with the best holiday deals!

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Economical Bird Feeders that are Stylish and Practical

Whether you enjoy bird watching or just want to help out the birds in your area, bird feeding is a great way to do both at the same time.  For those bird lovers with a limited budget, you can make your bird feeding more affordable with an economical bird feeder.  There are several different types of economical bird feeders that look beautiful hanging in your yard and are great for attracting and feeding a variety of birds.  Here are a few of my favorite economical bird feeders that are all under $10:

  • The Satellite Globe Feederby Duncraft is not only economical, but looks great hanging on a tree branch or post.  This bird feeder has a globe shape and is made to hold sunflower seeds to attract a selection of songbirds including: chickadees, finches, titmice, nuthatches and more.  The globe is clear to make it easy to see when it needs to be refilled and easy to clean out.  It is also designed to protect your bird from starlings and pigeons.
  • For an up close view of the birds that visit your yard, choose the economical GardenSong Window Tube Bird Feederby Opus.  This window bird feeder has a tube design and is a bright red color to help get the bird’s attention and attract them to the bird feeder.  It also feeds two birds at one time and holds up to one pound of bird seed.
  • An economical tube bird feeder for feeding and attracting the birds is the The Any Seed Tube Feeder by Perky Pet. This bird feeder is made to hold any type of bird seed you desire for attracting a wide variety of birds.  It has multiple feeding ports and disassembles for easy cleaning.  The bird feeder is designed to empty completely.  The price makes it affordable to hang up several bird feeders around your yard.

Economical Bird Feeding in Style

A great way for bird lovers everywhere to save money is to buy value-priced bird feeders and buy bird seed in bulk. This allows you to save both time and money. There are a lot of economical feeders that are easy to use, look great and you won’t have to spend a fortune on them.
In addition to value-priced feeders, buying bird seed in bulk quantities can also help to save you time and money. There are a lot of companies that carry high quality bird seed in bulk. Always remember that low cost doesn’t mean you have to give up quality and style.
One of my favorite value-priced feeders is the Garden Lantern Bird Feeder by Perky Pet. This low-cost feeder has a cute lantern style and holds approximately two and a half pounds of seed. It looks great in a tree or on a post and is easy to fill and clean. The price is great and the feeder is made of a durable plastic that is sure to last for years. The hopper style allows many birds to feed at one time, which makes it more fun to watch!
Another great, low cost feeder that is ideal for any age bird lover is the Garden Song Window Tube Bird Feeder by Opus. This cute, little window feeder has a bright red top and bottom to attract birds to your window and holds a pound of seed! It mounts securely to any window with its two suction cups and is easy to fill and clean. The low price makes it ideal for using several on various windows around your house. Feeder allows you to view wild birds up close and personal!
Once you have found the perfect, value-priced feeder, it is a good idea to purchase your seed in bulk for extra savings. Bulk seed is great because you save time and money by purchasing it in large quantities. With less time spent purchasing seed, you’ll have more time to enjoy your beautiful backyard birds! A great, value-priced bulk bird seed is Browns Natures Banquet Best Blend Wild Bird Food. This seed is made with high quality ingredients without the high cost and great for attracting a variety of wild birds to your yard.
Taking care of wild birds can be low cost and very enjoyable. This fun and economical activity is great for the whole family! For more great economical bird feeders and seed and informative tips from other bird lovers, check out Rachel’s Robin Wild Bird Supply!