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Multiple Seed Bird Feeders that are Sure to Attract a Variety of Birds to Your Yard

A multiple seed tube bird feeder makes a great bird feeder for any new or established bird watcher.  This type of tube bird feeder can hold a variety of bird seed at one time, which makes it ideal for attracting a variety of birds to your yard.  Another benefit to placing a multiple seed tube bird feeder in your yard is that is requires less refills and less seed is wasted if the birds do not like a particular type of bird seed.

One of my favorite multiple seed bird tube feeders is the Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder by Woodstream.  This beautiful, green tube bird feeder has three individual tubes for holding up to ten and a half pounds of bird seed.  It is designed to attract a wide variety of birds because they perches are adjustable.  It can feed up to 24 birds at one time at the perches and other birds can feed at the seed tray.  You may want to fill each tube with a different type of bird seed to see what kinds of birds you can attract to the bird feeder.

The Metal Safe Haven BirdFeeder is another triple tube bird feeder that is designed especially for attracting a variety of birds.  It has a surrounding cage that birds can fly into and helps to keep squirrels from getting to the bird seed.  Each tube may be filled with a different type of bird seed or a the same type of bird seed and the feeder holds about six pounds of bird seed, so it will not need to be refilled for a while.  This tube bird feeder also has a seed tray to catch the fallen bird seed.

Another great multiple seed tube bird feeder is the Perky Pet Triple Tube Bird Feeder.  This multiple seed tube bird feeder also has three tubes for keeping the bird seed separated.  It has a sleek design and is charcoal gray for those who like a more modern bird feeder.  Each tube has multiple ports for feeding a large number of birds at one time and is ideal for feeding a variety of sunflower seeds to the birds.

No matter which multiple seed tube bird feeder you choose, you are sure to a variety of birds to watch in your yard!

Help Out Endangered Birds in Your Home and Yard this Winter

Now is a great time to be thinking about the endangered birds in your area.  Many birds are becoming extinct because of a lack of resources for them in their environment.  Our use of toxic chemicals, garbage and other manmade causes are increasing the amount of birds that are becoming endangered every year.  It is important for everyone to lend a hand by offering birds year round shelter, food, and clean drinking water and by not using pollutants that will damage the Earth’s environment at home and recycling as much as you can.

Shelter is one of the key items that birds need for year round survival.  It is important because birds need a place to get warm in the winter, protect themselves from the elements, and to help protect their babies from preditors.  Setting up a variety of shelters around your yard will help the birds to thrive and you will have the added benefit of some great bird watching.  A nest box is an economical home for the birds and makes a great home to escape from preditors and bad weather.  The Audubon Cedar Bluebird House and the Cedar Wren / Chickadee House both make wonderful homes for the birds in your yard. 

In addition to shelter, it is important to offer food to the birds in your yard.  Use a variety of feeders to help attract numerous birds to your yard.  One of my favorite bird feeders is the Perky Pet Triple Tube Bird Feeder-Charcoal.  This feeder has three feeder tubes to feed three types of bird seed to the birds at one time and won’t require constant filling. 

Providing water for the birds year round, especially in the winter, is vital for the birds.  In the winter, a heated bird bath is great for keeping the warm, so it won’t freeze over.  The Farm Innovators Premium Electric Bird Bath De-Icer will help to keep the warm enough for the birds to drink and bathe in.  This de-ier can be placed in any bird bath and works well even in cold temperatures.

Other ways that you can help the birds in your own home are by using products that are safe for the environment.  It is also important for you to recycle plastic, paper, metal and more to help decrease the amount of trash in the landfills.  By doing this small steps in your home, you will help improve the environment for the birds and help to reduce the amount of birds that are becoming endangered.

Easy-to-Clean Tube Bird Feeders for the Winter

Cleaning and filliird ng your bird feeder in the winter can be a hassle, but well worth your time and effort.  To make your job easier and more efficient, look for tube bird feeders that are designed for easy filling and cleaning.  It is important to continue cleaning your bird feeders in the winter to help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold that make birds sick.

One of my favorite easy-to-clean bird feeders for Nyjer bird seed is the Quick-Clean Nyjer Tube Feeder for Wild Birds.  This stylish tube Nyjer seed feeder is ideal for feeding a variety of birds that love thistle seed, including finches.  This feeder comes apart easily for cleaning and maybe cleaned quickly with a brush like the Birdfeeder Cleaning Brush by Droll Yankees.  For feeding the birds a variety of seed, the Quick-Clean Seed Tube Feeder works with a variety of bird seed and also comes apart easily for cleaning and refilling.

Another great tube feeder that is easy to clean and is available in both Nyjer or Sunflower/Mixed Seed Bird Feeders is the Onyx Clever Clean Bird Feeders that are also made by Droll Yankees.  Both kinds of feeders are easy to clean because the caps and seed ports are detachable, so that you can get into the crevices for cleaning.  Both the Onyx Clever Clean Sunflower / Mixed Seed Bird Feeder and the Onyx Clever Clean Nyjer Seed Bird Feeder are available in three sizes and can hold one to three pounds of seed.

Keeping your bird feeder clean in the winter is easy when you have a tube bird feeder that is easy to clean.  A clean bird feeder helps to keep the birds healthier throughout the winter.  For a variety of bird feeders that are easy to clean, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Attracting Titmice Birds to your Feeders

The titmouse blends in with nuthatches and chickadees – so many wild bird hobbyists don’t pay alot of attention to the titmouse. 

Besides their unassuming beauty, titmice have unique qualities that are worth watching. After the nesting season, titmice don’t join bird flocks, but they stay together as a bird pair throughout the winter. Wild bird enthusiasts report
seeing titmice pairs at feeders all winter long.  In many cases, they are with offspring from the previous summer. 

Titmice are sociable little birds that get along just fine with other birds at your feeder. Known for their big black eyes and little crest on top of their heads make them easy to identify. They’ll enjoy suet, sunflower seeds and peanuts. 

8 Tips to attract Titmice to your backyard:

  • Plant seed and nut trees such as evergreens, beechnut and oak.
  • Plant berry bushes such as elderberry and bayberries. 
  • The Titmouse will be a frequent visitor to your feeders in the winter. Provide a feeding station with a
    hopper feeder and plenty of perching space. 
  • Since Titmice are agile birds, consider a peanut or sunflower feeder as shown to the right. Fill it with peanut kernels or black oil sunflower seed. 
  • Place out a platform feeder and fill it with peanut kernels, grapes, apples or berries. 
  • Offer a suet feeder placed near the trunk of a tree. 
  • Smear peanut butter onto tree trunks and branches periodically. 
  • Offer a birdbath as a source of water for drinking and bathing.

Choosing the Right Bird Seed Tube Feeder

Tube feeders are a great way to offer your backyard birds some tasty and nutritious bird seed anytime of the year.  This type of bird seed feeder is available in a variety of styles and sizes that you are sure to find one that suits your needs.  A great feature about tube feeders is that they neatly hold the bird seed until the bird comes to take it and the seed stays fresher inside of the tube protected from the elements.  When choosing your bird seed tube feeder, here are some things that your should consider:

  • The type of bird that you want to attract.  Tube feeders can hold a variety of bird seed.  Some can hold only sunflower seeds, thistle seeds, and others can hold a variety of seeds.  Some birds, such as finches, desire thistle seed, so putting up a thistle seed tube feeder will help to attract these types of birds.  One of my favorite bird seed is the Triple Tube Wild Bird Feeder because it can hold either mixed seed or thistle seed.  It also holds 10.5 pounds of bird seed, so you won’t have to keep refilling it everyday.
  • The amount of seed you want it to hold.  There are several bird seed tube feeders that come in a variety of sizes to give you a coordinated look in your yard or you can use one length throughout your yard.  The larger amount of seed the tube feeder holds, the less you will have to fill it up.  A great tube feeder for any bird lover that is available in different sizes is the  Quick-Clean Seed Tube Feeder.   Not only is this feeder easy to fill, it is also easy to clean.
  • The type of material.  While most bird seed tube feeders are available in a clear, UV-resistant plastic, some manufacturers are now making bird seed tube feeders in an earth friendly material.  Whether it is glass, UV-resistant plastic or recycled plastic, it will be easy for you to clean and maintain.  The EZ Clean Recycled Bird Feeder with Green Seed Ports is a great feeder for any environmentally-conscious bird lover.  This feeder is made of recycled plastic milk jugs and has a snap-out base that makes it easy to clean.

With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to choose a tube feeder.  It is a good idea to select a few different types if you are a new bird enthusiast to determine which feeder works best for you.  For a great selection of all your bird supply needs, check out Rachel’s Robin.