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Can you stop thinking about insects as enemies?

We know, it’s difficult to think about the spider in your shoe as a friend, but there are alot of great things about insects – as your wild bird friends would tell you, if they could.

Let your mind wander and think about the beauty of insects – not just the butterfly!  Dragonflies are gorgeous also and bring no harm to humans.  The further south in the United States we wander, the more insect varieties seem to show up.  Insects are of course, most diverse in the tropics.

And what about the beautiful flies that attack our pets and horses in the summer?  (well, maybe they are downright ugly). Not many of us like flies because they carry a variety of disease.  But … don’t forget that many of our most attractive birds depend on flies for their diet.

As spring approaches us, remember to leave a small part of your lawn or backyard area wild to create a natural habitat for insects.  This will attract a wide variety of crawling,  flying and hopping insects that pollinate flowers, gather nectar and eat some of the more pesky bugs.

But if you really can’t stomach all those insects in the yard and the birds really do love insects, think about stocking up on Pine Tree Farms Insect Suet Cake (shown to the right).  These will really help in getting the birds back in early spring!

Your birds will thank you too!


When should I feed wild bird suet?


In the past, people fed suet only in the fall and winter, due to poor quality and misconceptions of feeding wild birds.

Winter is a good time for the beginner to start feeding because most trees are bare of foliage making the birds very visible. You are also more apt to see birds in flocks in the winter time.

The growth and popularity of summer bird feeding was to be expected. You will have constant activity on your feeders as they flit back and forth for quick snacks during their busy day.

“No Melt” Suets make it easy to attract insect eating birds to your yard in warm weather.

Year round feeding allows you to observe and enjoy wild birds when they are the most active and colorful.

Price Cuts at “Turn back the hands of time”

In a move that undercuts online wild bird retailers, announced the price reduction of every wild bird feeder, hummingbird feeder and wild bird feed product in stock at the popular wild birding website.

RachelsRobin’s price cut campaign referred to as “Turn back the hands of Time” features a 10% reduction across the board on all products they stock.

There are no coupons to snip and no catches.  The savings are pure and simple.  

RachelsRobin opened it’s virtual doors in 2003 and has gained the trust of wild bird enthusiasts across the United States.  Ray Joyce, owner of commented “We know that it’s difficult to choose who you buy from online with so many fly-by-night stores popping up each day.  We not only want to earn your trust with our great service, we want to ensure we offer the lowest prices, too”. was named after Mr. Joyce’s oldest daughter: Rachel Robin.

Pictured to the right is a top selling suet cake – Peanut Crunch.  These suet cakes are reduced to less than a dollar each!

In addition to the storewide price reductions, still offers $10 off of shipping costs on orders >$100 with coupon code: freeship – and still offers quantity discounts on all products.

High Energy Suet – Year Round for Backyard Birds

Suet feeding was once primarily for winter feeding, but now has become a year-round activity and supplements a regular seed-feeding program (and in some cases replaces seed altogether).

Wild Bird Suet is a high-energy source of food for birds, but used to have a bad connotation because it was messy and greasy. The new generation suet produced by C&S uses rendered beef kidney fat and seed, fruit combinations that may be easily fed year round. C and S also has a suet “dough” form that won’t melt for those extremely hot southern areas.

To fill a suet feeder, simply take off the plastic wrap, keeping the suet in the plastic container, and insert into a suet basket.

Hang the basket so that the suet is facing upside down–wild birds like to eat suet from this angle. No mess–no melting–and an excellent source of energy fat and protein to wild birds when they need it most.

Suet has come long way from the corner butcher and is now a highly refined product that is easy-to-use and extremely rewarding.

Happy Christmas from RachelsRobin Wild Bird Supplies

It is with great warmth and kindness that the staff at would like to extend holiday wishes to all our customers and wild bird lovers in the world!

In many parts of the US, the winter months prove very hard on our beautiful chirping friends and we are proud to be part of a family that not only enjoys wild birds, but also takes strides to ensure thier safety year round.

Remember to provide Suet Cakes for energy during the winter months.

Stock up from now until the end of the year on all wild bird feeders, suet, seed and bird baths with coupon: christbday.  Save $10 on all orders >$75 on ALREADY REDUCED wild bird stock.

Merry Christmas to all – we appreciate your patronage, without you … the world would be a little bit less of a beautiful song!

Picture above right is Pine Tree Farms Hi-Energy Suet Cake - perfect for this time of year!