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Easy Way to Feed Wild Birds

What is an easy way to feed wild birds?  There are so many types of bird feeders available from the basic to the ornate.

If you are just starting to feed wild birds, you may want to start with  seed wreaths.  The seed wreaths are instant bird feeders and very convenient. They take  the hassle out of buying seeds and refilling feeders. Simply hang in your yard and watch the birds feed.  There are many types of seed wreaths in different shapes and with different seeds to attract a certain type of bird.  The Bird Lovers Blend Garden Chic Instant Feeder are available for Songbirds, Finches and Squirrels. 

Seed wreaths are available in many different shapes like a Sun Face Wild Bird Wreath or the ever popular  Seed Bell for Wild Birds.

 Some easy tips for starting to feed wild birds.

1. Try a variety of seed wreaths to see what birds are attracted.

2.  Place your bird feeders in an area that you can enjoy seeing the birds you are feeding.

3.  Offer a source of water for drinking and bathing.  All birds need water and are attracted to water.

4.  Keep feeders at least 3 feet from windows to avoid window collisions.  Remove anything that cats can hide in to avoid cats hunting the birds.

Seed wreaths make great gifts for bird lovers, too.

Holiday Bird Seed Wreaths Make Great Feeders for Birds

A must-have decoration for any bird lover this season is a colorful holiday bird seed wreath.  A bird seed wreath is perfect for livening up your outdoor decor and provide food for the birds.  Place a colorful bird seed wreath on a post, on the outside of your home, or hang on a tree branch.  Bird seed wreaths make feeding birds easy and convenient throughout the holiday season while adding a festive touch to your yard.  With so many to choose from, you may even want to hang a few up around your yard.

One of my favorite holiday bird seed wreaths is the Christmas Stocking Seed Wreath by Pine Tree Farms.  This beautiful bird seed wreath is made of high quality bird seed that will keep the birds coming back for more.  This charming stocking looks great hanging on a tree branch or hanging in an evergreen tree.

Another brightly colored bird seed wreath that will add a sweet touch to your outdoor holiday decor is the Candy Cane Seed Wreath.  This seed wreath had vibrant red and green bird seed that are sure to get the bird’s attention and is made with peanut hearts that the birds can’t get enough of.  Add several of these candy can wreaths to an evergreen tree to decorate your tree and provide lots of food for the birds.

For a touch of winter whimsy, the Snow Man Seed Wreath makes a great gift for anyone on your gift-giving list.  Snowman is colored with food coloring and had a black hat, buttons, and mittens.  A red string around his neck is used for his scarf.  Birds love the high quality safflower and thistle seeds and gelatin is used to keep the seeds in place until the birds stop by to feed.

Adding a festive, holiday decoration to your yard and feeding the birds is easy with a holiday bird seed wreath.  For a great selection of holiday bird lover gifts, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Thanksgiving Decorations for the Birds

Celebrate Thanksgiving this year with some Thanksgiving Decorations that are sure to make the birds thankful.  A bird seed wreath or bird seed ornaments are a great way to celebrate the holiday with the birds and make ideal outdoor decoration for the holiday.   They look great hanging on your home, on your garage or hanging in multiples on a fir or evergreen tree.  In addition, these seed wreaths and ornaments make a great gift for anyone who loves feeding the birds your Thanksgiving dinner host.

One of my favorite, new seed wreaths is the Bird Lover’s Blend Garden Chic Bird or Squirrel Instant Feeder by FM Browns.  These beautiful seed wreaths are perfect for hanging on the outside of your home or garage.  Each one has a different type of seed to attract a variety of birds throughout the year.  A seed wreath is a great way to feed birds throughout the year and these wreaths make feeding the birds easy in the fall and winter.

Another great seed wreath is the Seed Wreath for Wild Birds by C and S Products.  This seed wreath is filled with a variety of seeds and nuts that birds go crazy for and it will attract a variety of birds to your yard.  In addition, this wreath comes in a beautiful package that makes it easy to give as a gift for your Thankgiving host.   

Add some whimsy and charm to your fir and evergreen trees with the Variety Gift Pack of Ornaments for Wild Birds by Pine Tree Farms.  This variety pack includes a variety of whimsical shapes that includes:  a heart, butterfly, mini-wreath, star, moon and mini-sunflower.  Each ornament is made of sunflower hearts, peanuts, black oil seed and white safflower and are sure to attract a variety of birds to your yard. 

For a variety of great bird seed wreaths and ornaments for the holiday season, check out Rachel’s Robin.