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Top 5 Wild Bird Lover Valentine’s Gifts

Heart HummingBird Feeder
Heart design in vibrant red. Feeder holds 12 oz. of nectar,  What a lovely heart for the lovely wild bird enthusiast on your list. Watch her squeal in delight when the hummingbirds come flocking to your home.

Birdlovers Bottoms Up Finch Feeder – 23in.
Finches will feed upside down on this feeder. There is nothing like watching finches feed on an upside down feeder in the early days of spring.  Put this one out on the deck to get those early birds!

Bird Lovers Blend Fruit, Nut and Berry Food for Wild Birds (Case of 6)
Bird Lovers Blend Fruit, Nut and Berry Food is a tasty combination Talk about Love – this bird lovers blend is the best on the market.

Bird Lovers Blend Garden Chic Instant Feeder
This instant bird feeder is very convenient to use and ideal for any bird.  Instant feeders are exploding these days and for good reason. They are easy, fun to use, no mess and birds love them too!

BirdLovers Blend No Waste Bird Seed
BirdLovers Blend no waste is a great blend for gardens, patios, and decks.  Stop the waste this spring with BirdLovers no-waste blend and your birds will be happy – as well as your pocket book!

July 4th Super Price Implosion – Save at

Why do birds like the 4th of July?  

This is not a trick question.  It is because people leave alot of food and harmful things in their backyards and birds feast (which is NOT good) on this junk.

This 4th of July take advantage of Super Price Implosion sale and feed those birds healthy seeds and nuts!

In addition to the IMPLOSION, we are offering coupon: fourth – to save $10 on all orders greater than $89.

Happy FOURTH of JULY!  Celebrate in harmony with nature!

Use the coupon: fourth on all the Big Brands like Woodlink, C and S, Going Green, Birdscapes, Duncraft and more!


Thanksgiving Day Sale with Coupons at

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Nature Lovers and Wild Bird Hobbyists across the United States and the world.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful world that you have given us to enjoy. From finches to hummingbirds, orioles and bluebirds – we thank you for the beauty you have bestowed upon us.

Thank you for our health, family, homes and nature. 

If you happen to visit the Internet today – take advantage of THIS 1-Day Sale:

One Day only coupons at – Wild Bird Supplies and Bird Lover Gifts

  1. Coupon: turkey8 – Save $8 on orders > $80.00
  2. Coupon: turkey7 – Save $7 on orders > $70.00
  3. Coupon: turkey6 – Save $6 on orders > $60.00
  4. Coupon: turkey5 – Save $5 on orders > $50.00
  5. Coupon: turkey4 – Save $4 on orders > $40.00
  6. Coupon: turkey3 – Save $3 on orders > $30.00

Breast Cancer Awareness Thoughts / Gifts at

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). Since the program began in 1985, mammography rates have more than doubled for women age 50 and older and breast cancer deaths have declined.

We have compiled a few products that contribute funds and awareness to the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign:

The Celebrate Life! feeder is a Limited Edition 8 inch Bird Lovers® Sunflower Feeder in Breast Cancer Awareness pink. The attached charm can be easily removed and used as a keychain accessory. Pictured to the right.

We also have the Breast Cancer Awareness Garden 5 piece Gift Tool Set and the Breast Cancer Awareness 4 piece Garden Tool Set


The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month program is dedicated to increasing public knowledge about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Fifteen national public service organizations, professional associations, and government agencies comprise the Board of Sponsors, who work together to ensure that the NBCAM message is heard by thousands of women and their families.

Triple Dip at RachelsRobin Wild Bird Store

As we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the competition for your business is increasing.  RachelsRobin is proving that we have the best deals, information and customer service to earn it. 

We are calling our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal combination – Triple Dip / Free Ship.  Valid until December 17, the combo deal is one of a kind and is getting National kudos.

Case in point  – the Triple Tube Feeder to the right.  Buy 2 of these as holiday gifts and save over $20 when you Triple Dip!

Rachel’s Robin Wild Bird Store deal is dubbed as: Triple DIP, Free Ship and details are as follows:

  • Quantity discounts are available on every single product in stock including bird feeders, bird seed, holiday gift ideas and even our hummingbird feeder stock.  Buy 2 and save, Buy 5 and save even more, buy 10 and save a bundle.
  • Free shipping on orders >$60 with coupon: freeship (weight restrictions may apply) – but EVERY order >$60 you can save with the coupon.
  • Finally, all orders >$100, save $10 with Google Checkout.

RachelsRobin is offering a $10.00 discount on any order greater than $100.00. Each Google Checkout user can take advantage of the offer one (1) time across all of GregRobert (parent company of Rachels Robin) websites. This promotion begins Tuesday, November 24, 2009 4:00:00 PM EST and will end December 17, 2009.

Speaking of Triple – check out the great prices on these “Triple Bird Feeders”

Free Shipping on Wild Bird Baths, Feeders at

Most wild bird enthusiasts know that once you start feeding wild birds, you need to continue all year long as the birds depend on you for food and water. If they stay in your yard past fall, they will need a helping hand. The cost of bird seed has risen across the US and at the same time the economy is a bit sluggish. 

Rachel’s Robin is stepping up by slashing prices for the holidays and offering free shipping with coupon code: freeship on orders >$60. We’ve compiled a collection of items that can ship free to any gift recipient on your list:


Solar Bird Bath - Song Birds
Solar Bird Bath – Song Birds | Size: 20 Inch | Model: SOL-0100

Designed by and for birding enthusiast. Moving water attracts birds, more than seed. No need to plug this unit in! This insert is powered by the sun utilizing the provided solar plate insert.


Yankee Whipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Yankee Whipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder | Type: Blue | Model: YCPW-180

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with Perches that Cardinals Prefer. Weight sensitive collapsing perches support birds not squirrels. Powder coated in evening blue, a classic backyard color


Yankee Tipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Yankee Tipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder | Type: Black | Model: YCPT-360

Holds More Birds and Saves Seed. Weight sensitive collapsing tray tips down under the weight of a grey squirrel. Powder coated in midnight black; everything looks good in black. Length 21 inches / Diameter 4.75 inches / Capacity 5 lbs.


Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - 3 qts.
Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – 3 qts. | Type: Green | Model: 1024

The Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder features a truly squirrel proof design. This feeder has six feeding stations, adjustable perches with posi-grip, and an optional posi-grip cardinal ring. 3 qts.


Nest Box
Nest Box | Size: 12 Inch | Model: NB-BB200

Beautiful Droll Yankees Nest Boxes with artwork by Marjolein Bastin make a great gift for yourself or a friend. Available in four charming designs, one for Chickadees, Titmouses, and Wrens, two for Bluebirds and one for a variety of birds.


Spiral Sunflower Feeder/Twirl A Squirrel Combo
Spiral Sunflower Feeder/Twirl A Squirrel Combo | Type: Green | Size: 36 Inch | Model: SBF6GTAS

Amazingly effective and hilariously funny to watch the Twirl-a Squirrel. Patented spirals attract more birds and allow more birds to feed. Super Spiral has a 3 QTS CAPACITY and allows 12 birds to feed at once. 18 inches.


Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder 15 in.
Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder 15 in. | Type: Green | Size: 15 Inch | Model: SDC

Sunflower cage feeder for small birds. This bird feeder effectively restricts the entrance of grey squirrels while allowing songbirds easy clearance. A cinch to remove for cleaning to maintain the health of the birds. Capacity: 1 lb.


Bouncer Squirrel Proof  Bird Feeder
Bouncer Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder | Type: White | Model: SBF-1

The Vari-Crafts Bouncer Squirrel Proof & Selective Bird Feeder features an innovative design that prevents squirrels and large birds from feeding without the extra accessories that can fail or break. Capacity: 6 quarts


Copper Mega Tube Bird Feeder
Copper Mega Tube Bird Feeder | Type: Brown | Size: 19 X 4 Diamet | Model: NAMEGA

Make a bold statement in your backyard with the Woodlink Copper Mega Tube Bird Feeder. The copper colored lid, base, seed ports, and hanger combine to form a truly impressive feeder. Helps to attract more birds to your yard!


Brushed Copper Lantern
Brushed Copper Lantern | Type: Brown | Size: 11 Diameter | Model: COPLANTERN

This charming and attractive brushed copper finish lantern bird feeder with metal black straps comes with a heavy cable for hanging. The heavy glass tube holds almost 5 lbs of seed. Top lid lifts up for easy filling. Size: 13 in. dia. x 16.5 in. high.


Funky Seed Wild Bird Feeder (Case of 12)
Funky Seed Wild Bird Feeder (Case of 12) | Type: Assorted | Model: BA01902

The Funky Seed Wild Bird Feeder by Gardman is available in four vibrant colors: pink, purple, green and yellow. This colorful tube feeder is easy to clean and has a removable base. Roof is dome shape to prevent water from seeping in.


Hanging Bird Bath
Hanging Bird Bath | Size: Large | Model: ZBB-0102

This beautiful hanging bird bath is ideal for hanging in a tree or on a shepard s hook. May also be used with a Zoobox stand. The decorative finish is beautiful and made to be durable in any time of weather. Available in Medium or Large.


Eco-Friendly Window Feeder
Eco-Friendly Window Feeder | Type: Green | Size: 5x12x12.38 Inch | Model: 64015WP

Holds 3 pounds of seed. Attracts interesting birds such as Finches and Orioles which might not come to regular seed feeders. Holds a variety of fresh fruits including apples and oranges


Executive Tube Feeder
Executive Tube Feeder | Type: Clear | Size: 30inch | Model: B-72

One of our largest tube feeders, this classic sunflower feeder is available in 20 or 30 inches. Feeders have a diameter of 3.5 inches. 20 inch has a capacity of 2.5 lbs and has 6 feeding ports. 30 inch has a capacity of 4 lbs and has 12 feeding ports.


Dragonfly Solar Birdbath for Wild Birds
Dragonfly Solar Birdbath for Wild Birds | Size: 20 Inch | Model: SOL-0101

The Dragonfly Solar Birdbath is a beautiful, low-maintenance solar bird bath that is ideal for any bird lover. The moving water is soothing and helps to attract wild birds to your yard. The low-voltage pump is solar powered and activated by the sun.


Thirsty Birds Solar Birdbath for Wild Birds
Thirsty Birds Solar Birdbath for Wild Birds | Size: 20 Inch | Model: SOL-0103

The Thirsty Birds Solar Birdbath by Zoobox has a unique design that features birds drinking from the fountain. Great for any wild bird enthusiast, this unique bath runs only on solar power and does not use any electricity.


Birdbath | Type: Red | Size: Medium | Model: ZBB-0250

Attract more birds to your yard with this misting birdbath. Provides birds with a fine mist for bathing. Available in red or antique bronze. Mister is adjustable. Designed to attract a variety of birds, including hummingbirds.


Birdbath | Type: Copper/bronze | Size: Medium | Model: ZBB-0198

Attract more birds to your yard with this misting birdbath. Provides birds with a fine mist for bathing. Available in red or antique bronze. Mister is adjustable. Designed to attract a variety of birds, including hummingbirds.


Birdbath | Type: Copper/bronze | Size: Large | Model: ZBB-0199

Attract more birds to your yard with this misting birdbath. Provides birds with a fine mist for bathing. Available in red or antique bronze. Mister is adjustable. Designed to attract a variety of birds, including hummingbirds.

Usability Enhancements at RachelsRobin Wild Bird Supplies

Making it easier to find the perfect bird feeder for your needs
The staff at have been working with usability consultants and web conversion consultants to help our customers find products easier on our website. There are a number of upgrades that we’d like to bring to your attention that will help our loyal customers and hopefully add a few new customers. We need your feedback, so please feel free to comment to this blog post.
You may notice in the lower right hand side of the screen, we are now sharing all of the tips that we have recieved throughout the years from our friends and wild bird enthusiasts on how they attract birds to thier yard.

Here is my favorite tip of all time:
A great use for an old slinky…..Put a bird feeder pole through the center of the slinkly and attached the slinky at the top. The squirrels and raccoons will not try to jump or climp on the pole!
More on: Bird Feeder Pole

Another big change to our website is the ability to narrow by keyword within major categories. This comes in handy if you are looking for a particular type of bottle type hummingbird feeder or a particular sort or tube style bird feeder.

Pictured above is the Birdscapes new Lightpost Hummingbird feeder which is my absolute favorite new feeder this year.

Finally, we have placed alot of emphasis on the habitat in your backyard that birds love. Birds will naturally migrate to locations that have flowers and bushes and trees. Understanding this, we added a couple of new categories – most notably Planters and Flower Boxes. There are over 60 different planters that we carry and we must say that we have exceptional prices.

One of my favorite new planters is the Canterbury Standing Planter that allows you to place the proper flowers in the absolute perfect location in your yard.

Please let us know how we are doing – once again, we truly appreciate your feedback.

Help Celebrate Earth Day in Honor of the Birds!

Earth day, April 22nd, is quickly approaching and a great way to help celebrate this day is to do something for the environment. By helping the environment, you help everyone on the planet. Make some small, but significant changes in your everyday life such as: planting a garden or tree; changing your old light bulbs to high energy efficient ones; use re-usable plastic bags at the grocery store; and recycle as many items as you can. Each little change that you do helps to improve the Earth!

If you are thinking about purchasing a new bird feeder or house for your yard, please consider a recycled plastic feeder or home. Bird feeders that are made from recycled plastic are great because they are easy to clean, disease resistant and give new life to something that was once trash.

Many manufacturers are making recycled plastic feeders and one of my favorite feeders is the Going Green Seed Tube Bird Feeder by Audubon/Woodlink. This simple and classic feeder is made of 90% recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is easy to clean and does not retain water, which makes it resistant to mold and bacteria. This sleek feeder is perfect for any bird lover because it holds a variety of seed and is easy to fill.

If you are looking to replace or purchase a new bird house, take a look at the recycled lumber feeder by VariCraft. The Recycled Plastic Lumber Hanging Birdhouse makes an ideal home for Wrens and Chickadees. This earth-friendly home is easy to clean and looks great in any yard!
Help make the Earth a better place by purchasing one of these great recycled products available at Rachel’s Robin. Go Green!

Rachel’s Robin is Proud to Announce – The Wild Bird Blog!

It’s the biggest bird event of the month and it’s happenin’ at Rachels Robin!

Month after month and year after year, our staff at Rachel’s Robin answers questions about feeders and birds and squirrel deterrents and bird baths and bird feeders and hummingbird migration and just about everything that a wild bird enthusiast would need to know.
We decided that it’s time to take our answers a step further and offer our loyal readers and customers a Wild Bird Blog.

…. and here we are!

The Rachel’s Robin Wild Bird Blog is going to focus on the latest and greatest, and the tried and true hobby of wild bird feeding and viewing. No diversions into politics and no diversions into the state of the economy – just birds and hummingbirds and maybe a bit about wild life.
To start off, our featured product to celebrate the launch is the Breast Cancer Awareness Bird Feeder. The Celebrate Life! feeder is a Limited Edition 8 inch Bird Lovers® Sunflower Feeder in Breast Cancer Awareness pink. The attached charm can be easily removed and used as a keychain accessory.

Funds will be donated from the sale of each feeder to support breast cancer initiatives. The Bird Lovers brand is a popular brand of Droll Yankees. Droll Yankees is nationally recognized for high quality feeders that cater to an expansive range of birds. The threaded base on the feeder fits all Droll Yankee accessories and it has a UV stabilized polycarbonate tube prevents yellowing.

Great starter feeder or for children and a great gift for a loved one that has survived Breast Cancer.