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Squirrels – Friends or Foes?

There are many fun things about squirrels. Squirrels are entertaining while trying to get food or playing with each other, especially a good game of tag. Squirrels are very important ecologically. Since squirrels bury nuts and seeds in preparation for winter, and will not eat even close to the amount buried, you can thank squirrels for the many plants and trees that  sprout each spring.

It is important to know that squirrels have a great sense of smell, which is why they can easily find the food put out for birds.  Squirrels also like to hoard food which is why you often see them running away with food in their mouths as they run back to their nests.  Squirrels teeth are always growing and they must chew  to keep their teeth from growing too long.

The best way to keep your squirrels as friends and not be mad at them for stealing birds’ food is to set up a squirrel feeder. Squirrels are very territorial animals. Squirrels will mark their feeder area as their own and in doing so will leave the bird feeders alone.  It is important to set up the squirrel feeder(s)  at least 15 feet away from the birdfeeder(s) and away from your house.

There are many types of squirrel feeders availabe.  Some holders are for corn cobs, some for nuts and others for wild life seed.  The Audubon Squirrel Munch Box Feeder in the picture can be filled with sunflower seed, corn, peanuts in the shell  or squirrel or wildlife mix.  For the entertainment of both the squirrels and humans, the squirrels will lift the hinged  lid and grab the food inside. There is a plastic front so you can see how much seed is available.  The wood lid protects the seed from the weather and the little front porch area gives the squirrel a place to sit.  There are two pre-drilled holes for easy mounting on a post, tree or deck.

Keeping a filled squirrel feeder in your yard will entertain the squirrels and you, while keeping the squirrels out of the birdfeeders.  Now, that is what I call a happy yard.


Love Squirrels? Get Some Squirrel Feeders!

If you love squirrels like I do, you should get some squirrel feeders!  Not only is it pleasant to have extra wild life in your backyard, but squirrels will be less likely to eat the expensive bird food that you have out for birds.

Squirrels can be fed year round as they do not hibernate.  However, you are likely to see less squirrels in the winter because they like to stay nests in order to keep warm!  Just like with birds, if you are going to feed squirrels in the winter, you will need to make sure you always have food available for them.  Squirrels will become dependent on your food source, and if you abruptly stop providing them with food, it could mean trouble for the squirrels.  This does not hold as true in the summer when it is easier to look for food sources.

What food do squirrels love?  Nuts!  Any types of nuts will be a huge hit with your backyard squirrels.  However, squirrels will eat a variety of foods, such as seeds, grains, and fruits.  Squirrels who live in an area where there are lots of humans can also be seen eating lots of “human food.”  But please do not give squirrels rotten or moldy human food.

One of my favorite squirrel feeders is the Squirrel Diner II Feeder, pictured above.  This feeder can be placed anywhere on your yard, and it does a great job of keeping squirrels away from your bird feeders!  Squirrels will easily find the Squirrel Diner II Feeder, and will not even bother climbing trees to investigate your bird feeders.  You can place any large seeds or nuts in this feeder, which we know are some of squirrel’s favorite foods.  Plus, this feeder is made of steel and is chew resistant, so eager squirrels will not wear it down.

Another squirrel feeder that serves as a great diversion from your bird feeders is the Cobs-A-Twirl Squirrel Feeder.  This feeder can hold four cobs of corn at once, and when squirrels attempt to eat the corn or jump on the feeder, the feeder will rotate.  It is not too difficult for the squirrels to get the corn, but it is entertaining for you to watch!  The Cobs-A-Twirl Squirrel Feeder can easily be mounted to the base of a tree.

While it is definitely fine to have squirrel feeders in your yard, never EVER attempt to hand feed a squirrel.  Squirrels hve eyes on the sides of their head, and it is easy for them to accidentally bite your finger!

Fun Squirrel Feeders that Provide Entertainment in the Winter

Winter is a great time to observe the squirrels in your yard by offering them food to eat.  When most of the birds have gone south for the winter, the squirrels are still around looking for your yard for food and can be enjoyable to watch.  Watching the squirrels eat food is entertaining when you have a variety of squirrel and wildlife feeders set up in your yard.

A great squirrel feeder that is entertaining to watch the squirrels feed from is the Cobs-A-Twirl Squirrel Feeder.  This fun feeder holds four corn cobs and makes the squirrels work to get to the corn for a bite.  The squirrels have fun trying to maneuver around the feeder to get to the corn.  Hang this feeder on a tree branch near your home for a great show any time during the winter.

Another fun feeder for the squirrels to eat from is the Squirrel Corn Spinner by Aubudon Woodlink.  This feeder is made of wood and other durable materials and is made to last for years.  It holds three ears of corn and turns in a circle when the squirrels put their weight on the feeder.  This feeder may be hung in a tree branch or on a post near your home for a close-up view of the squirrels.

A simple squirrel feeder that is fun to watch the squirrels eat corn from and very economical is the Spring-N-Cob Squirrel Feeder  by Gardner Equipment.  Add an ear of corn to this feeder and watch the squirrel bounce up and down trying to eat the corn.  The spring coil is very sturdy, weather resistant, and will last for a long time.  Hang up a few of these squirrels feeders around your yard to feed several squirrels at one time.

Hanging up a squirrel feeder in the winter is great for feeding the squirrels, but will also provide you some entertainment when the birds are gone.  Check out Rachel’s Robin for a great selection of squirrel feeder and squirrel food.

Protect Your Bird Feeders from Squirrels by Adding a Squirrel Feeder

If you love to feed the birds, nothing can be more frustrating than having the squirrels eat up your gourmet bird seed. Adding a squirrel feeder to your yard is a great way to distract the squirrels from eating the seed in your bird feeders. There are a variety of fun and practical feeders available for feeding squirrels, including corn and box feeders. These types of squirrel feeders are ideal for feeding the squirrels and keeping them entertained at the same time.

There are a variety of fun, entertaining corn feeders for squirrels that are also entertaining for you, too! The Squirrel Corn Spinner feeder holds three ears of corn and twirls around for entertainment. This fun and unique squirrel feeder is designed to rotate and allows the squirrels to move from corn ear to corn ear. Attach the feeder to a post or tree near your house and watch the show. The screws on the feeder securely hold the corn ears and make it difficult for the squirrels to remove the corn from the feeder.

Another fun feeder for squirrels is the Squirrel Munch House. This type of feeder is box shape and has openings on the sides for squirrels to get in. It is made of cedar wood and designed to be durable. Add the squirrel food to the interior and watch the squirrels have fun trying to get into the feeder. This feeder is sure to keep the squirrels well feed and out of your bird seed feeders.

Adding a squirrel feeder to your yard is a great way to help prevent the squirrels from stealing the bird seed. Not only do squirrel feeders help to keep the squirrels well feed, but they also provide entertainment for you and the squirrels. Look for more great items for squirrels at Rachel’s Robin.