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Bug Free Storage for Your Bird Seed

Feeding backyard birds can be expensive and nothing is worse than having your bird seed become moldy or be infested with bugs. All bird lovers know that keeping your bird seed free of insects and other critters is essential for attracting birds and keeping them healthy. To keep your bird seed fresh and bug free, it is important to keep it stored in a container that is air tight and made of a durable material. Keep your seed in a covered area and off of the floor.

One of my favorite containers for storing bird seed is the Vittles Vault II Seed Storage Container. This container has a variety of uses, but it works great for storing bird seed. It is air tight and helps to keep your bird seed fresh and bug free. Just pour in your bird seed and seal the lid tight. I recommend keeping the seed stored in your home or in your garage to prevent other animals from getting into it.
Once you have your bird seed stored in an air-tight container, it is a good idea to get a bird seed scoop. A bird seed scoop makes it easy to fill up all of your bird feeder quickly and easily. It also makes filling up your bird feeders more convenient because you can walk around to each one for a refill. A great bird seed scoop to use is the Bird Seed Scoop designed by Peter Kilham. This bird seed scoop can hold up to 2 quarts of seed and has a sleek design.
Providing your backyard birds with fresh, bug-free is essential to the health of the birds and helps to attract more birds to your yard. For a great selection of storage containers and bird seed scoops, check out Rachel’s Robin.