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Deck Mounted Bird Baths that are Perfect for Year Round Use

Treat your backyard birds to a fresh drink of water with a convenient deck mounted bird bath.  A deck mounted bird bath is easy to install to your deck and is great for attracting birds to your yard all year long.  When using a deck mounted bird bath in the winter, it is a good idea to get one that is heated or if you have a decorative deck mounted bird bath, you can add a bird bath heater to it during the winter.

One of my favorite heated bird baths is the Heated Bird Bath – Easy Tilt to Clean by Allied Precision.  This durable and attractive bird bath makes a great year round bird bath because it heats up during the winter to prevent the water from freezing over and is wide enough for the birds to take a bath a year long.  Birds will be attracted to the light color and enjoy having a bath or taking a drink in the bird bath.

Another great heated bird bath is the Heated Deck Bird Bath by Farm Innovators.  This shallow bird bath has a terracotta to help attract the birds to your yard and does not use a lot of electricity.  The cord may be concealed for use during the summer and the bird bath has a diameter of 14 inches, which is perfect for both bathing and drinking. 

A simple and economical deck mounted bird bath is the Audubon Deck-Mounted Bird Bath.  This simple, deck mounted bird bath may be used year round with the use of a bird bath heater such as the Economical Birdbath Deicer by Farm Innovators.   Birds love the shallowness of this bird bath and it is easy for the birds to drink from. Mounting the bird bath is easy and quick and the birds will be attracted to your yard.