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Keep Your Bird Bath Water Warm with a Heater

Finding a source of warm water for birds during the winter is critical for their survival.  An easy way to provide birds with water during the winter is to use a heated bird bath or a bird bath heater in your bird bath.  By offering a source of fresh water for the birds during the winter, you will not only be helping the birds to thrive, but will also attract more birds to your yard.

A classic bird bath that looks great in any yard is the Heated Bird Bath with Stand.  This stylish and streamline bird bath has a sturdy, weatherproof stand with a white basin.  The white basin is ideal for attracting birds because they will be able to see the bottom and it blends in well with the snow.  The heater in the bird bath is designed to keep the water from freezing in temperatures up to -20 degrees.  This bird bath also includes hardware for mounting it to your deck.

The Heated Ground BirdBath – 70 Watts is a fun and unique way to offer the birds with water.  This bird bath is designed to sit on the ground to provide birds with easy access to warmer water.  The unique shape of this feeder looks great in a garden, flower bed, or placed on your lawn.  It blends in well with any rock formation and looks like a real rock.  The birds will love the shallowness of the bird bath.

If you are just looking for a heating element to place inside your bird bath, choose one like the Heated Rock Bird Bath De-icer -75 Watts to warm up your bird bath water and keep it from freezing over.  This de-icer is thermostatically controlled to work when the temperature drops below 35 degrees.  Made of cast aluminum to be durable and weather resistant, this de-icer has a great rock shape that blends in well with any bird bath.

Keeping a supply of fresh water for the birds during the winter is important for the survival of birds and helps to attract them to your yard.  For a great selection of heated bird baths and bird bath heaters, check out Rachel’s Robin.

Plan Now for Winter Birdfeeding

With fall around the corner, now is the time to think about your birding supplies for the winter. Many bird lovers enjoy feeding the birds during the fall and winter and it helps to keep the birds thriving when food sources are lower. When planning for winter birdfirding, keep in mind the following things:

  • Find out what birds are likely to stay around for the winter. Consult a bird guide, such as the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, to find out what native birds stick around when the temperature gets cold.
  • Choose feeders that are designed especially for the type of bird that is native to your area and get seed specific for those types of birds. With the right feeder and seed, you should have no problem attacting the birds in the winter time.
  • Purchase a heated bird bath or a bird bath heater like the Gulf Stream 300 watt Bird Bath Heater to provide the birds with warm water during the cold months of the year. Birds still need to drink water and bathe in the winter and providing them with a clean, warm water source is going to attract more birds to your yard.
  • Put up shelter for the birds. If you currently have suitable bird houses, clean them out if the occupants have left for the season to encourage other birds to use them for shelter. Check first to see if the bird house has the right dimensions and hole size for your new visitors. You can also purchase nest boxes and hang them from trees or poles in your yard.

By taking care of the birds during the winter, you not only help the environment and the birds, but it also brings interest to your yard during the most barren time of the year. Check out Rachel’s Robin for all of your year round bird feeding needs.